The Role of Nutrition – Diet and Heart Disease

Nutrition: Diet and heart diseases go hand in hand. Nutritious food plays a very important role in maintaining good health. Poor eating habits can lead to several diseases. Here, we shall discuss about the common heart ailments and the role of nutritious food in preventing heart related disorders.

Types Of Heart Diseases

There are almost eight types of diseases and not all conditions can be controlled with a healthy food. Though nutritious food is important for the overall well being, but nutrition, diet, and heart ailments may not have a direct link with each other. Some of the heart malfunctions may require surgery. For instance, valvular heart disease can be cured only with surgery. Even a balanced food cannot help in treating this condition. Listed here are the different types of heart ailments.

• Coronary Heart Disease – CHD as it is commonly known is caused by the narrowing of arteries that carry blood. This reduces the flow of blood in the heart. This condition may require medication or surgery.

• Cardiomyopathy – This type of disease is commonly known as heart attack. It is caused due to blockage in the arteries. The blockage may occur due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is high levels of fat in the blood that thickens the blood and disrupts its flow. Nutrition, diet, and disease is linked in this kind of condition. A balanced diet with low cholesterol and fat content can make a lot of difference. A good diet will maintain the optimal level of thickness in blood and avoid blockages.

• Cardiovascular disease – This type of disease may affect the blood vessels or the heart itself.

• Ischemic heart malfunctions – This kind of heart disorder reduces the blood supply to your organ.

• Heart failure – It is also known as congestive cardiac failure and is caused due to structural or functional disorder.

• Valvular Heart Disease – This disease affects the valves of the heart. They fail to perform their function and may result into severe heart problem.

• Inflammatory heart malfunction – It causes the inflammation of heart muscles or its tissue.

• Hypertensive heart malfunctions – High blood pressure is the common cause of this type of disease. Here, nutrition, diet, and heart ailment can be linked since controlling blood pressure through diet can prevent a heart disorder.

A healthy food will not only keep a check on your heart, it can also prevent several other ailments. Nutritious food is good for your internal as well as external well being. A balance food will improve the quality of your skin and hair improves drastically. Remember the adage – what goes in, comes out. It is applicable here as well; a good diet will keep diseases at bay.