The Roadblocks To A Healthy Diet

Part 1 in a Series of 3 – Ignoring The Obvious

I’m going to return to the basics in this article. All to often in seems everyone is caught up in a fad diet, complicated method, or magic product to lose weight. It’s a shame. It’s a shame because these products will more often than not get you nowhere. With this preponderance on everything but the diet people are missing the foundational elements of any diet that will help you lose weight: Smart and healthy food selection.

It is an indisputable scientific fact that your body requires a healthy well balanced diet to perform at its peak. If you want to lose weight you have to eat right. There is no way around that. There are no magic pills or systems that can achieve results that are sustainable and healthy. These products can certainly aid in your quest but in no way are they the solution. If you are considering buying diet products look at them as a means to an end as opposed to the actual solution.

The basic building blocks to a healthy diet are good quality supplies of carbohydrates, food products that are high in fiber content, and proteins. Much has been written and spectacles have been made about what you are allowed and not allowed to eat. It is written and spoken about like there is one singular hard lined method that sets out a yes group and a no group. If you deviate from those listing you will fail. It’s nonsense.

Instead of worrying about what foods you can and cannot eat you should educate yourself to the types of building blocks that encompass healthy eating. You should create some foundational knowledge about the properties of food and what offers nutritional value. That’s the real way to lose weight and keep it off. The key to any diet is increasing your quality of living without making it a living hell. That’s what those fad diets and set in stone guideline programs do. They restrict without teaching. They forbid without explaining. All the dieter gets is a confusing chart that they have to make sense of. There is no education in losing weight with these programs.

Another problem dieters run into when wanting to lose weight is fanatical label reading. Sure, a food label can provide some insight into what you are putting into your body. But it ends there. That’s what it should be used for. The fact of the matter is that food labels are created by the company making the food. They want to make that product as attractive to the consumer as possible. As a result, often times these labels are overly selective about the information they provide. In addition every figure they provide is relative. It is not personalized for each individual eater. Thus relying on food labels to center your diet around is useless, impossible, and frustrating.

It is pretty clear that you cannot rely on these sources to create a healthy diet that lasts. You will not lose weight this way. While these things can certainly help once you have a proper and efficient system in place, these things are by no means the answer to the problem of losing weight. In part 2 I will outline how to create a diet that will last and get you to lose weight.