The Right Way To Cure Nail Fungi

Fungi infections are very annoying to treat because they return if they are not treated properly. They are commonly found in the skin, the nails and in the scalp or hair. Nails are commonly affected if the patient has habits that promote fungi growth.

Nail fungi can be easily identified because the nails seem to become thicker with the infection. In areas where the skin is affected, there may be itchiness and discoloration of the nails depending on the type of fungi in question.

How the infection happens

Getting nail fungi is easy especially if you have habits that promote fungi transfer. Examples of habits are not taking care of the nails and using other people’s footwear. You can also get infected if you are fond of not wearing any footwear in public areas like public bathrooms. It is part of the treatment to prevent the person from doing the same habits over again.

Tips on How to treat a fungus nail:

Use of the right medication

A combination of topical and oral medication may be necessary for some families of opportunistic fungi. The type of antibiotics that you need depends on the type of fungi that is infecting your nail. If the doctor has identified the fungi, then he can prescribe the right drugs to use.

Using clean footwear all the time

Part of treating the infection is preventing habits that will promote fungi growth. For starters, you should always wear clean shoe and socks. You should disinfect all the footwear that you use and allow them to aerate when you have the time. Never wear damp or wet socks and footwear because warm and wet environment are the perfect place for fungi to grow.

Aerate your legs when you are at home

You should also avoid wearing shoes when you don’t have to. This will limit the accumulation of sweat. By preventing sweating in the leg and feet, you are depriving the fungi the favorable environment that it needs to grow and branch out. Ventilation will prevent sweating and this will help the antibiotics work by preventing any more fungal growth.

Nail care habits

Make it a habit to take care of your own nails. short nails are preferable. Short nails are better because they are easy to clean and they are less likely to become infected. You should also only go to clean salons with clean equipment to avoid getting infections from nail pushers and cutters.