The Religious Vomit That Is Destroying The Earth

The idea that man knows how God thinks or works is the  vomit  that religious leaders pour out on a daily basis. It is abominable that any man should pretend to know how or what the Divine thinks. It is outrageous that so many feel they can relate to the power of the Spirit through false gods and icons. Yet these are the things that are put up in temples, churches, mosques, and so on and they are worshiped and sacrificed to while the real God deals out their punishment.

Religious leaders are driving their mobs like sheep to the slaughter and no one says stop. Government are unlikely to call a halt because of their dependency on them for power and control. In the World Order the religions came first and the dogma on which it is built is based on the ‘accepted’ rather than the known.

The reality hits home when things like the Zika Virus makes headlines because of the dilemma Catholics face. Their religion forbids contraceptives and abortions and yet this virus is deforming children’s skulls and making their brains smaller. Without preventive measures many families will have handicapped children to deal with while the victims will suffer greatly.

The only way out is for the Pope to pass a law granting the right to either have an abortion of to use contraceptives. This is a trap because of the past claims that such is a mortal sin and anyone who engages in it will go to hell. It is the way God works to display the fallibility of man’s judgement.

Climate change is another case in point. Religious books tell us that man has dominion over the earth and yet he is destroying it. Many of the ‘faithful’ refuse to accept that things are changing, such as sea levels, because they have not heard it from their leaders.

The end result is that they feed on the  vomit  of man. Their eyes are closed to the facts and their ears to reality. They will never see or hear things other than what they are used to in their diet.