The Real Cause of Canker Sores

If you are the one suffering from canker sores, then I don’t need to describe how painful and annoying that they are. You probably already know more about the pain than you’d like to know.

What you really want to know is why are you getting them and how you can get rid of them so that they don’t come back, right?

Well, get ready for the truth, because I’m not going to tell you that you ate too many oranges or that it runs in your family. In fact, if you have done much research on the causes of canker sores, you are probably more confused than ever. There is an abundance of conflicting reasons that don’t seem to shed much light on the matter.

For example, these painful ulcers usually occur between the ages of 10 and 20 although they can appear at any time in a persons life. Also, they are not contagious, however they can run in the family. Helpful right?

Most of the information out there blames external causes. By external I mean outside of the body, foods for example. Other outside causes can include stressful situations and apparently whether a relative gets them or not.

One vital piece of the puzzle is missing though. For the sake of illustrating the point, lets pretend that eating more than 10 oranges causes canker sores. So does that mean that EVERYBODY that eats 10 oranges will absolutely get one? No, some will and others won’t. Let’s say that extreme stress, such as a death in the family, causes canker sores. Does that mean that the entire family will all get canker sores? No, definitely not.

Why some people, then, and not others? What is the difference?

The only thing truly different is our mental and emotional state of mind. The way we feel and think is the real thing that makes us different from one another. Since we are all unique in our thoughts and feelings, we all interpret circumstances differently, thus we all react to the same stimulation differently. Some people may react to feeling anxious over the details with a canker sore. 

Notice that  I said anxious over the details in life or a specific situation. That is one of the most common emotions in a person suffering from canker sores. There are several other common emotions, such as:

  • Unresolved negativity
  • Overwork coupled with emotional stress
  • Blame
  • Holding back angry words

In fact, if you were to think back to a time when you had one of these little buggers, you’d probably discover that you were also going through one of these common emotions.

Its helpful to remember, however, that the emotion doesn’t automatically cause sores, but if you have a sore you will find the emotion behind it. Each emotion typically has several favorite symptoms, a canker sore is just one of several.

Now we are down to the cure.

Often, when you use a cream or just let them heal naturally, they will return. Sometimes right away, sometimes weeks or years later, sometimes they keep coming back for months one right after another.

The reason for this is that the root cause, the emotion is still there. Yes, as long as you still are holding in angry words, you are prone to continue with canker sores. However, if you were to release the emotion by replacing the angry words with something constructive that you can express out loud, you will be free from cankers.

The true cure is to release the emotion causing the problem. Actually, there are multiple benefits to releasing the root emotion. As you look back on the above list of emotions, I’m sure you’ll automatically see the benefits, not just physically but emotionally also.

There are many different tools out there designed to release negative emotions. Just choose your tool, and you’ll say good bye to canker sores forever.