The Psychology of Homosexuality

Everything in creation, including human and animal life, is governed by natural laws. Laws of nature control natural processes and natural phenomena.

The heavenly bodies including their axis and orbits, ocean current and ebb and flow of the sea – are all regulated by natural laws. For example, man must eat to satisfy hunger, sleep to get rest for the body and keep the body sound and fit by exercise or work of some kind.

When the human limbs are left for a period such as one or more months without movement, they may become stiff and not flexible. The natural law of duality or popularity is found at work in human and animal life and in natural phenomena.

For example the possible and negative aspect interacts to make life possible on earth. The male and female aspects must cohabit harmoniously to reproduce their kind. It is through that process that creation reproduces itself and human life is perpetuating on earth. There are the dual phenomena of life and death, youth and old age, heat and cold, pain and pleasure, day and night, and so on. When the law of duality or polarity is broken – anachronism and absolutes. In his philosophy of dialectical materialism, Karl Marx explains how law of duality operates to keep nature in harmony and balance.

According to Karl Marx, the positive or negative aspect is replaced by the order – when one aspect does not function normally to maintain balance and harmony. Karl Marx saw socialism-communism as the negative aspect of capitalism. He contented that internal contradiction within the capitalist society makes socialism-communism a natural replacement for capitalism. Why did socialism-communism fail? The answer rests with the law of duality.

In homosexuality, one finds one aspect of duality or polarity interacting with itself. The male aspect relates sexually with another male. It is a phenomenon that violates natural law. Naturally, well-placed and well-disposed human beings do not violate the law of procreation. It is when a person is displaced or is not properly disposed that person begins to violate natural law in the matter of sexuality. For example, confined persons such as prisoners, for lack of freedom to interact with their opposite aspects, namely males and females, may indulge in homosexuality. At puberty, some persons are inclined to masturbate and some begin to indulge in some kind of homosexuality.

The recourse to masturbation or homosexuality at puberty is due to lack or opportunity to express love in the natural way. Teenagers who do not have luck resort to early sexual intercourse. Most teenagers give up the early sexual indulgence as they grow older. It is those who do not give up when they grow into adulthood that tend to embrace homosexuality. The reason for departure from the natural process of procreation is psychological. Dr Carl Jung, a Swiss medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, offers a convincing explanation in his analysis. Dr Jung puts the structure of personality in the following categories:

The psyche, the consciousness, the personal unconscious and collective unconscious.

For lack of space, i will dwell on the category known as the collective unconscious, which is the area of the concern of this article. The collective unconscious is made up of what Dr Jung terms archetypes. According to Dr Jung, archetypes are the contents of the human psyche. He names the content as: the persona, the anima and the animus and the self.

Persona is described by Dr Jung as the “outward face” of the psyche. This, he explains, is because it is the outward face that is seen. The “inward face” he calls the anima in males and the animus in females. In males, the anima constitutes their feminine archetype, while the animus is the masculine archetype in females. “If the personality is to be well adjusted and harmoniously balanced the feminine side of man’s personality and the masculine side of a woman’s personality must be allowed to express themselves in consciousness and behavior,” Dr Jung advised. What Dr Jung has discovered and told the world about is the subtle operation of the lack of duality or polarity as it influences human personality.

As Karl Marx, the Marxist postulated everything in the creation has its positive aspects and negative aspects. Interaction of both makes it possible for a thing to exist an entity. In a person, both the positive and negative aspects of human personality must be allowed to interact in a balanced and harmonious manner. Problems set in when both the anima and animus in a man or a woman interact out of balance and harmony with the persona archetype. For example, a male will be inclined to behave more like a woman – if his anima archetype projects itself over and above the man’s persona archetype. Conversely, a woman is likely to behave more like a man if her animus archetype overrides the persona of her female personality.

The anima in a man and the animus in a woman can be undeveloped or deflated. This anomaly can also create personality distortion. Why? When the anima or the “woman” in a male is underdeveloped, he may fin it difficult interacting with a female. And when the animus or the “man” in a woman is underdeveloped or suppressed she may find it uneasy to relate with a man. A man and another man who are respectively so disposed – are likely to attract each other and express love that ends up in homosexuality. The same applies to a woman and another woman so disposed.

Since homosexuality arises out of distortion or dislocation of personality, is it curable? Personality distortion or dislocation can be corrected. Since homosexuality arises out of personality problems, it can be cured.