The Pros and Cons of Hair Removal

Hair will grow on almost every part of the body. We live in a society where excess hair growth on certain areas is not considered very attractive. Some areas are deemed acceptable for men while others find the same area unacceptable for women. There are other reasons why people remove that can include medical reasons, cultural reasons, male-to female gender reassignment, religious reasons, sports related reasons, and military reasons. No matter what the reason is for choosing to remove hair, the result has been a hair removal removal industry with modern hair removal techniques.

Many types of hair removal methods have been developed to make hair removal much easier. The following is a list of popular hair removal techniques and the pros and cons associated with each one:

Shaving: This type of hair removal method is usually done manually or with an electric shaver. This is a popular choice because there are very few side effects. People with sensitive skin may acquire a rash that will go away quickly. Moisturizers usually help with redness. It is painless and gives good results.

Powders or Creams: This method is a very popular choice because there are not usually any permanent side effects. People with sensitive skin may get a slight skin irritation. It is important to test a spot on the skin to make sure you do not get a reaction. Many cream products have moisturizers in them. Some products are made for people with sensitive skin.

Removing the Hair and Root: A few methods include:

– Plucking: The hair is plucked using tweezers.
– Waxing: Hot or cold layer is applied and then removed with strips
– Sugaring Like waxing, but a sticky paste is applied to the skin
– Threading: Twisted thread catches hairs as it is rolled across the skin

When using these methods, it takes the hair longer to grow back. Other than a possible skin irritation, there is not usually a serious reaction when done correctly. It is an expensive method of hair removal. If waxing and sugaring is done incorrectly, there may be burning and skin damage which can be painful. Threading can be expensive but it is not painful.

Electrolysis: Most experts say that electrolysis is the best method for permanently removing hair. Electrolysis involves injecting the base of a hair follicle with electric currents. The heat from the current dries the base of the follicle inhibiting further hair growth. Electrolysis can be expensive and requires a professional to perform the procedure.

Laser Treatment: This is another permanent hair removal method. Laser treatment involves applying a wavelength to the skin where it enters the hair follicle. The wavelength damages the follicle and surrounding tissue stopping hair growth. Laser treatment is a recommended choice for people with dark or coarse hair. It is given by a professional and can be expensive. There is pain associated with laser treatment. Professional laser treatment businesses will use pain reduction techniques.

If there is a particular area on your body that has too much hair such as on your back, chest, legs, or above your lip, there are many beneficial hair removal methods. Before choosing a permanent hair removal method, you should talk to a professional. If you have a skin disease such as psoriasis, you should not use products or methods to remove your hair. It is important to research the various hair removal methods before before one. Consider which one will meet your particular circumstance.

For most people, hair removal is a common practice. With the right knowledge, your hair removal experience can be as normal as any other daily care routine.