The Pros and Cons of Baby Sign Language

According to those who support the use of baby sign language, it advances the communication between parents and infants. Baby sign language is therefore recommended not only to deaf-mute babies and their parents but to all babies.

Clears communication lines
Babies want to communicate. However, they can better associate the right gesture to its meaning than the right word to its meaning. So, it will take more time for a baby to communicate effectively through speaking. Sign language can help bridge the delay. During the time that your baby cannot express himself through words yet, he may be able to do so through signing.

Prevents tantrums
When your baby cannot express himself well, you the confused parent may not respond correctly. When this happens, your baby can get very frustrated. This can result to tantrums. If you are trying to get him to sleep, you may have a much harder time. Maybe he is trying to tell you that he wants something first but you cannot deliver because you cannot understand.

Promotes self-esteem
Signing helps your baby communicate. When he realizes that you can understand him, he will feel proud of his accomplishment. As a result, your baby will start developing a healthy self-esteem. This will encourage him to communicate more with you.

Makes things orderly
If both you and baby can understand each other, the situation at home can be more peaceful and more orderly. You can respond promptly to your baby’s needs so baby is content and eager to further the bond.