The Price for IVF in Nassau, Bahamas

In vitro fertilization is considered as the most effective ways of artificially conceiving a child.  This is why many couples in advanced or economically well-off countries have resorted to this method if they realize that having a child in the natural way seems impossible.  The problem however is that IVF is an expensive procedure.  Since there is always a possibility of failure, couples are sometimes discouraged to undergo this, bearing in mind that if it fails, it is money down the drain or thrown out of the window.  In the United States, for example, the IVF rate could be as high as $3,500.  Even for those who belong to the middle class, such rate is still costly.

There is an option that couples can take that may not only be cheap and effective; it is enjoyable too. They could go out of the country for a vacation, which is actually called as medical tourism.  This means that they could go somewhere not just to relax to have a romantic getaway; they could also undergo an IVF procedure there too.  One great choice would be Nassau, a city in the Caribbean country, the Bahamas.  Although a small archipelagic country that relies much on tourism only, the Bahamas has a number of modern fertility clinics that could facilitate IVF procedures.

What makes Nassau IVF procedures really attractive is the rate.  The rates are usually 40 percent to 80 percent less than that of the clinics in any state of the U.S.  Couples would therefore only need $1,400 to $2,800 for the procedure. The low cost does not reflect the kind of quality that the service has.  Most of the doctors and health professionals that perform the IVF are trained in North America or in Europe.  Language barrier obviously does not exist between the patient and the attending medical practitioner.  Most of all the accuracy of the process guarantees successful pregnancy.

While couples wait for the procedure to be performed or for it to be completed, they get to be in a very relaxing environment, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.  This means that they are less stressed out.  For the mother, this could help a lot because it makes her physically ready to undergo IVF.  Physical preparedness and emotional stability during the entire time that the IVF is being carried out is necessary.  The atmosphere in a tropical Caribbean island may just provide the mother with that.

Since Bahamas is far and is located hundreds of miles away from the U.S., preparing for the trip financially is definitely a must.  There could be many other things to prepare too, such as travel papers, plane tickets, and hotel reservations.  These should not be much of a trouble though if the couples would just get a travel agency that facilitates medical tourism.  It would be advantageous if they already communicate with a fertility clinic in Nassau even before they take plane to the city.  This would guarantee that they already have a schedule fixed for them.

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