The Prevalence of Osteoporosis

Most people have heard of Osteoporosis but how many actually know what it is or how it affects people? It is a disease, also called porous bone, in which bones lose mass and bone tissue starts to deteriorate and become fragile, this makes them more likely to break or fracture. If you’ve ever had a broken arm or leg when you were younger, you know what a pain it can be and not just in the literal sense. Hospital bills are outrageous; the annoyance of a cast for weeks on end, therapy, and much more can really take its toll on anyone.

Osteoporosis has the ability to affect both men and women and any ages. However, women are four time more likely to develop this disease than men and older people are more apt to it than younger people. When you are younger, your body is still growing and able to maintain the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. There are many other factors that can increase the risk of fragile bones. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol excessively can increase the risk as well as having a diet low in dairy products or not being physically active. 

Not all the causes of Osteoporosis are known. The factors that increase risks are known and some are mentioned above. It is very important to assess yourself to see if you have a higher chance of developing this disease. The obvious cause of this bone breaking disease is a lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Your bones are always growing and old bone is being broken down and new bone is being created. These vitamins and minerals help maintain the creation of new bone. If your diet lacks it, it could cause fragility. When women go through menopause, they have a significant and quick drop in estrogen – which can also cause Osteoporosis. The same type of problem occurs in men except they can develop this disease from a low testosterone level. There are several other causes of this illness as well. 

Osteoporosis is also called the Silent Thief. This is because there are not many symptoms and most people are not aware that they have it until they start becoming too weak or start actually breaking bones. By then, obviously, it’s too late to prevent it. If this Silent Thief disease goes on for a long time before it is detected, even something as simple as a sneeze or cough can cause a fracture. Severe back pain, loss of height, or stooped posture can also be symptoms of a vertebral or spinal fracture.

Taking preventative measures is the best way to overcome Osteoporosis. Starting when you’re young makes a big difference. Eating healthy, making sure you have the right vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin D, and staying active are the best ways to prevent the deterioration of your skeletal system. In addition to these things, taking natural supplements can provide extra support for your body and the rebuilding of new bones. Bone Care by Puritan’s Pride is a great supplement to take to ensure you are getting the calcium and other minerals needed for strong healthy bones!