The Power of Words, Speech, and Conversation


The word that you release from your mouth determines your successes or failures. You must speak only what you want to see manifested in your life. To change the reality of your life, you must change the words that you speak on a daily basis, which makes your reality what it is. Your words contain the power to kill or heal, bless or curse, tear down or build up, create or destroy. Your conversation will expand as your consciousness expends. Your consciousness will expand as your conversation expands. Your everyday conversation reveals exactly what is in your mind, discloses what you are agreeing with, divulges what you believe in, and is there before creating your reality.

You must take control of your mind and mouth! Who you are and what you think or feel is always revealed when you speak. Your life is shaped by the predominant thoughts you entertain and the words you speak. Your words shape your world and everything in it. Since you were created in the image of God and His Spirit lives within you, then your words are of the same creative force as God's word. There is a power, an intelligence and a law that operates upon your word.

Your words are self-fulfilling prophecy. Be careful of what you think and speak because thoughts run in currents and what you think or say will attract back to you the physical equivalent containing the elements that made up the words you spoke. If thoughts were visible to the natural eye, you would see currents running to and from people that their words and attitudes have placed them on. Everyone with the same nature of thought would be on the same current. Those with a high level of motivation and joy would be on the same current. Those with similar temperament and character would be on the same current. Those depressed and unhappy would be on the same current, those who motives are to commit crimes would be on the same current. We would be able to see forces connecting those together with like mental states. Prentice Mulford, in his book Thoughts are Things states, "When you are in low spirits, you have acting on you the thought current coming from all others in low spirits.

When you speak of the attainment of your goals, you attract all the elements needed to help you accomplish those goals. When people talk of business or entrepreneurship, they attract a business current of idea, initiative, and plans. You attract what you speak about. When you change your belief system in thought, words, and emotional pattern, you change your whole body, you change your situations, and you change your reality. The more specific you are when speaking positive, the quicker the manifestation, the greater you feel, the more powerful the materialization. We decree our realities one word at a time. Define statements produce definite results.