The Power of the Mind

How many times have you fabricated an alibi that you are sick just to avoid attending a party, or a meeting or even going to the office? Did you not experience in one or more occasions feeling sick afterwards? That's the power of the mind working against you.

There were times in my life when I was so afraid that my son would acquire viral infections or any other ailments just because the babies of my colleagues are sick. After giving so much thought on that, I will just find my son suffering the same condition. It may be just a coincidence but it's also possible that I have invited that negative energy to come to life. Realizing that, I resolved to dump all negative thoughts as quickly as possible. I am now more determined to think good thoughts. Thereby, I have opened myself to God's abundance.

Your mind is so powerful. That is why it is important that you choose the focus of your thoughts. You are naturally drawn to whatever you focus upon. Imagine yourself in a miserable state and in no time you will feel miserable. On the other hand, picture yourself as happy, successful and enjoying the beauty of life. Instantly, you will feel refreshed, hopeful and ready to face the challenges of life.

Since our mind is powerful, why not focus yourselves in creating positive thoughts rather than draining your energy into negatives. You may be bombarded now by problems and financial burdens, but thinking more about it will not do you any good. In fact, it may be even worse when your health suffers and succumb to anxiety. Headaches, hyperacidity and even nervous breakdowns are just some of the ailments that you may develop in putting so much stress into your lives.

Why not focus on the solutions instead. Acknowledge the problem but quickly shift your thoughts into the possible solutions. In case of marital conflict, for example, think of ways on how you can remedy the problem. Do you need to consult a marriage counselor, or just sit down and talk about it, or just set up a romantic date and rekindle the fire in your relationship? In case of financial concerns, you may start by letting go of the things that you can do without like dinner outs and fancy gadgets. Some issues may look deeper than what I have cited, but the point is that you have to use the power of your mind to your advantage.

Believe that you have the power to better your life. Think positive. Focus on your dreams. Have high hopes. Trust in God and make a fresh start.