The Power in Lemon and Honey


Lemons have virtually no proteins or fats about 8. 23% carbohydrates. Vitamin C stands out in lemon composition. Lemon stands out in their healing power because of their accompanying substance called phytochemicals, these are substances that lack any calories, and they are neither vitamin nor mineral salts. They also contain some organic acids such as citric and malic acid. Also present are flavonoids which are found in the peel and pulp of lemon. Lemon are recommended in the following areas:-

1. Anemia Treatment:- Lemon should form a regular part of the diet of anyone suffering from anemia. Although its iron contain is very low, It is a very potent anti-anemic since it increase the absorption of iron supplied in other plant based foods. Anemia patient can not use the lemon treatment but can use one lemon at intervals.

2. Treatment of Kidney Stone:- Lemon treatment is very effective in helping dissolve kidney stone, particularly when it is caused by uric acid.

3. Eliminate Uric Acid:- Uric acid are produced in the body when we consume animal product. Lemon is very effective in eliminating uric acid which is a waste product in the body and must be eliminated in the urine. It is when these uric acid are deposited in the joint that causes arthritis and rheumatic pain.

4The Flavoniods content of lemon strengthens the capillary walls, improves the elasticity of the arteries, therefore improves blood flow and prevent blood clotting.

5. Treatment of Cancer:- A substance called Terpenes found in the peel of lemon has been shown capable of neutralizing certain carcinogens.

6. Treatment of infection:- Lemon is appropriate for all types of infectious disease, whether viral or bacterial because of its vitamin C content. It also boost the body immune system.

LEMON THERAPY:- This lemon treatment is conducted over a two week period. The first day one drinks the juice of one lemon diluted in water one and half hour before breakfast. On consequent days one lemon is added everyday up to seven lemons. From that point the order is reversed back down to one lemon on the last day. The peel of lemon can be included by grating it into the water and juice then sieve before drinking.

Note:- Children, the elderly, those with low calcium, renal failure or anemia should not use this lemon treatment. Large amounts of lemon are not recommended in these conditions.


Honey could be defined as the natural sweet substance produced by honey bees. Honeys is the only food source which is know to contain the 22 nutrient required for a balanced nutrition. It is easily assimilated into the blood stream for instant energy production. It cures and prevents the following.

1. Honey enhance clear sight:- Honey can cure cataract and other eye problems if diluted with clean water and applied directly to the eye, over a long periods of time. The clean water should be put in small clean eye drop container and mixed with about 5-6 drops of honey.

2. Restores loss of appetite:- Grapefruit juice mixed with honey is a valuable remedy for restoring of appetite.

3. Honey cures asthma:- A tablespoonful of honey with half glass of warm water should be taken thrice daily, until the patient is relieved.

4. Honey cures cough:- Grind some bitter cola about 5 pieces and mix the powder with 35cl of natural honey to form a syrup. 3 tablespoonful three times daily for adult and 1 table spoonful three times daily for children.

5. Honey enhance proper erection in men:- Honey contain zinc, the sexual mineral, a table spoonful of honey dissolved with a half glassful of hot water taken an hour before sex, is a good remedy for weak erection.

6. Honey mixed with olive oil, when messaged on the scalp and left on the hair for 30 minutes before shampooing is a good treatment for hair loss.

7. Honey cures stomach ulcer:- A mixture of two table spoonfuls of honey in warm water could be taken few minutes be fore each meal. The bacterium is eliminated from the stomach by honey.

8. Honey take with some water before going to bed enhances sound sleep.

9. Honey cures sore throat:- Add the juice of one lemon to a cup of hot water sweeten with two tablespoonful of honey and drink.

10. Cures dry skin when mixed with body cream

11. Supplied energy and body stamina.

12. Aids proper functioning of the liver due to fructose content which enhances glycogen secretion in the liver.

13. Heals burns and prevent scars & kaloid when applied directly to the affected skin. It should be applied from day one of the burnt for effectiveness.