The Potential of Turmeric For Cancer Prevention

Here is good news! If you are searching for natural ingredients that fight cancer and immune the body to reduce the chances of getting cancerous growths, you can depend on the humble spice turmeric for cancer prevention. With its bright yellow color and slightly pungent taste, it is used extensively in China, Indonesia and especially Indian cuisine for coloring curries.

The benefit of using it was mentioned long ago in Indian Ayurveda, the age-old book that describes herbal cures for various diseases. It is mainly important as a natural cleanser that purges the body of harmful elements and impurities. Besides functioning as a powerful detoxifying agent, it is also known to be good for inflammatory ailments.

Traditionally, it is also used in herbal recipes as a mild analgesic that reduces pain. The new role of turmeric as an anti-cancer ingredient was discovered when researchers showed that curcumin, a kind of anti-oxidant found in this yellow rhizome can slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

Studies and researches done by several researching organizations indicated that the potential of turmeric for cancer prevention particularly breast and prostate cancer is severe. While conducting research on a group of mice infected with breast cancer cells, scientists observed that curcumin considered subdued the proliferation of cancerous cells.

The breast cancer cells which are quite resistant to a number of drugs are found to be responsive to curcumin. Similar types of experiments done with the extract from this compound indicate that curcumin can combat several kinds of cancer including the cancer of rectum, esophagus and colon. It can also hinder the development of malignant tumors in rodents.

Researchers also conducted experiments with prostate cancer cells to discover that certain chemicals obtained from this compound can inhibit the spread of the disease. Turmeric can be more powerful to fight prostate cancer while blended with some other vegetables. Some people also believe that applying the paste of this herb on the skin helps protect the skin from skin cancer. However, such claims are purely based on assumption.

The results may sound exciting but the effectiveness of turmeric for cancer prevention is still to undergo a number of laboratory trials. The inhibitory properties of this natural ingredient large depend on doses. Researchers are trying to find out the exact amount of curcumin that can be used on regular basis without any side-effect. While the outer layer of the colon can absorb it easily, this complex material can not be absorbed by all parts of the body in equal quantity.

This wonder-spice that appears to be a real panacea is used generally as a powder in curries. it is also available in other forms like capsules and extracts. Raw turmeric is prefer if you want to make sure that your body gets all its beneficial properties rather than only one or two isolated ingredients.

Whenever preparing a salad, add slices of turmeric that is easily available in spice stores. Make it a regular part of your diet intake. This way you can get your daily share of this supplement for cancer prevention.