The Physiological Side Effects of Steroid Use


There are athletes who frequently use and work with the oily forms of testosterone suspensions but the effect is not better as compared to the water dissolved type. For the sake of information, water-dissolved form of testosterone was the first kind of injectable steroid to be introduced. In Europe, especially during the 40’s, the injectable testosterone was the most common used steroid in the German armed forces and it helped in increasing aggressiveness and the militants stamina, and in the quick recovery which was failing for the undernourished prisoners of war. This steroid in use was nothing else but the common crystalline testosterone that was mixed with water to come up with the final product for intake.

In other steroidal issues, there might be a patient carrying a dose of pan-hypo-pituitarism courtesy of the Sheehan syndrome or what is the infarction of the postpartum pituitary. It is only under treatment for the adrenal crisis that there can be some severe compromises of cardiovascular nature which comes from the hypothyroidism of untreated association can probably result. It could even lead to an eventual death once the hypo-thyroid case has not been diagnosed. However, some of the causes that are most frequent have been sighted to be the idiopathic atrophy that is mostly auto-immune in terms of origin. For females, it’s very crucial for those who are in the pill to forget some steroids such as Nolvadex, since there could be a counter effect occurring if the pill containing estrogen and the Nolvadex containing anti-estrogen compounds are put within the same reaction chamber.

In many occasions, it happens to be sufficient, mostly if an athlete starts the preventive dosage intake of the substance Nolvadex after around 4 weeks prior to the consumption of the anabolic steroids. Many athletes who possess the unfortunate tendencies towards such conditions as gynecomastia, water retention as well as an increase in fat deposits after the usage of Dianabol, Anadrol, Testoviron and Deca depot usually are in the usage of around 25 mg in twenty four hours. A combined wholesome application of the substance Nolvadex of around 25 mg in a day could lead to some excellent results. In addition, the same ill fact is also true for those athletes who happen to be in competitions, as well as for females too. Liver complications might be the first thing they will start grappling with, as well as cardiovascular failure and rise in the pressure of blood.

The worst thing though is the occasioned male characteristics, where they start having male characteristics such as deep voice, lose of hair and even being bald as well as a lose of breasts. They look like males with female names. The clitoris also enlarges and grows in size as they start experiencing variations in libido and sexual pleasures. This is the truest testament of why we need anabolic substances, so that we can stop relieving the fate of our fore-fathers, becoming emaciated and giving up so easily for lack of a better substance, a wonder drug that can make us in what nature and nurture denied us.