The Perfect Psychotherapy

Usually when someone feels depressed or is too nervous, afraid and unsocial, one has to undergo psychotherapy without any doubt. One has to do something to help oneself in this situation, since the person is unable to overcome one's problems alone.

Psychotherapy through dream interpretation is the unique and absolutely safe treatment because the unconscious that produces the dreams is a doctor that knows everything about you very well, the story of your life, your complexes and traumas and what exactly you need to do in order to develop the psychological functions that are not working in your human conscience.

However, the functions are active in the wild part of your conscience, causing you many problems. They have to be transformed and pass to the human part to help you to be balanced and more intelligent until you become a genius, instead of being agents of the anti-conscience, the wild and evil part of your conscience that is constantly trying to provoke craziness to your human side.

Many people are offended with the word "craziness." Nobody wants to be considered crazy …

However, the bitter truth is that the human being is much crazier than balanced, since the anti-conscience occupations the largest part of the human psychic sphere and since the human conscience is ignorant, selfish, under-developed and is governed by the person's ego .

If you are clever and you would like to overcome your depression, neurosis or provisional mental instability before things become worse, you better admit that you are quite crazy, no matter how balanced the human side of your conscience may be. This is only because you inherited the wild anti-conscience, the part of your conscience that remains as it was in the beginning of the formation of the human conscience, without being transformed through goodness and morality.

Only goodness and morality can give to the human being the human characteristics of balance, which are sensitivity and sensibility.

This wild part did not learn to be good; it remains primitive and evil. Evil and craziness are in fact harmonious since evil is absurd and causes craziness. Craziness is the expression of evil. This is the reason for the existence of cold schizophrenic murderers among our population, spreading terrorism and violence.

If you want to stay away from terror and craziness in your life, admit you have a strong tendency towards craziness, which is not your fault. This is a tragic reality you have to transform. Only by admitting your craziness can you learn how to be balanced, wise, strong, courageous and free from suffering.

Suffering is the result of selfishness and craziness, because they induce the human to make certain moral mistakes. Everything is dependent and closely related.

If you desire to be happy, you have to transform the anti-conscience into the human conscience, otherwise, this part of your psychic sphere will torture you for your entire life.

If you fight this inherent monster and cultivate your humanity, peace will always be with you, no matter how things are in the world, surrounding you. Peace and wisdom will characterize your behavior for life and they are the most indispensable components of happiness!

Without peace, your happiness will be an illusion and without wisdom, it will be very short.

Therefore, admit that you need to learn many things about yourself and improve your personality by developing the part of your conscience that remains wild, eliminating the poisonous domination of your ego. In fact, your ego is your worst enemy because it works for the anti-conscience, making you desire things you can not posses and people you should not approach …

Be smart and start learning now how to interpret your dreams! Discover the fantastic doctor you have in the unconscious part of your psychic sphere, who tries to help your human side fight the wild anti-conscience and become stronger, until your human side eliminates the wild side by transforming it into a part of the human conscience .

You will be strong, wise, balanced, healthy and happy! In fact, you'll start feeling this way as soon as you learn the basics and you can understand the wise messages you receive in your dreams. You'll feel superior because your vision will be larger and you'll be able to see many faces of your reality that you never imagined exhausted.

These facets will prepare reality and define it. Everything in our planet is very well programmed to function according to a certain way.

Look at the nature in Earth; see how everything works perfectly, without interruptions or mistakes. Everything works so well because there are programs for the functioning of reality as well programs that determine your own behavior as an animal.

You really have to learn many things about you, the people who live around you and the planet where you are if you want to avoid mistakes, control your behavior and be happy in life!