The Penis Size Comparison – Big Or Small?

The minds of countless males everywhere have always wondered the question about penis size. Even if the issue itself has been resolved numerous amount of times it seems that there will never be an answer that will satisfy everyone. We have all been told about the myths and misconceptions of penis size. We are aware that the matter of penis size is merely subjective.

Yet the questions still ring in our thoughts. Does size matter? What do women really want? Is bigger better? The questions are endless! As long as there are men of different ethnicity, sizes, and shapes the questions will always come up in one way or form. However rather than just trying to “resolve” the issue, because it seems that it won’t happen any time soon, better to just compare the advantages and disadvantages, and let them figure things out from there. For most guys penis size is either “big” or “small” and that’s it, nothing in between. This penis size comparison will not focus on physical appearance, but to show that both sides have its own share of ups and downs.

Having a “Big” Penis

The Good:

  • Many men who are endowed tend to have more confidence, and in turn have no problem socializing and dating the opposite sex.
  • There is a feeling of power and masculinity. You definitely carry yourself differently.
  • There are women who do believe that size matters, and for that they are very lucky.

The Bad:

  • Confidence is one thing, but being overly confident and cocky (No pun intended) is a turn off for most women. Come on guys. You may have a large penis, but the world doesn’t revolve around it.
  • Sex can be painful for your partner. It has been confirmed several times. Some women in fact do prefer a smaller sized penis.
  • The common misconception that having a bigger penis means better sex is false. A big tool doesn’t mean better sex. Many women have experienced stronger orgasms with men who were generally smaller particularly in the average range. When it came down to it, overall sexual performance was preferred over size.

Having a” Small” Penis

The Good:

  • Some women prefer a modest size penis over a big one, and for that they are lucky.
  • Another misconception is that “smaller” men are not good in bed. Not true. Men who believe they are inadequate, tend to compensate with lots of foreplay. In one instance someone told me she experienced extreme pleasure simply because he was good with his tongue and hands. It makes sense seeing that a majority of female orgasms happen through clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration.
  • In many cases men who think they’re small are actually average sized.

The Bad:

  • People who are not happy with their size tend to be insecure, and otherwise have a harder time dating women. Stop thinking about it. Chances are it’s all in your head. Lack of confidence is a huge turn off with many women.
  • As sad as it sounds, some women simply are not sexually satisfied with small penises, but don’t let it discourage you. Just move on to the next.

So what does this mean? It just merely shows that one is not necessarily better than the other. Having either a big or small penis both have their fair share of good and bad things. Some guys may want to enlarge their penis, and that’s fine. In other cases they may be too big, and women simply don’t want to deal with that. The matter of penis size is subjective. Every girl in the world cannot possibly think the same because they are all different. In the end it comes down to accepting what you have, or taking the necessary steps to change that.