The Only Successful Way to Cure Insomnia and Learn How to Fall Asleep

Many people in everyday life brag that they only need four or five hours of sleep a night. It’s usually the same people who have forgotten how to fall asleep and drink energy drinks and pop energy pills for breakfast. Anyone who thinks they are getting the most out of life with just a few hours of sleep is kidding themselves. It means, rather, that they have learned to function at a much lower level of mental and physical capacity, sustained artificially and temporarily by the adrenal glands and their caffeinated drink of choice.

Evidence suggests that inadequate rest and sleep caused by insomnia or other sleeping disorders may shorten life spam by eight to ten years, which means you can beat the clock now, but the clock will beat you later.

Perhaps the ultimate frustration in life is to exhaust oneself trying to fall asleep. You may be tired. You may need sleep so you can wake up to face another day, but sleep just will not come. The condition is called insomnia. Glib advice ranging from counting sheep to drinking warm milk before going to bed often seems only to complicate matters. Little wonder that every night sleep medications are consumed by millions of “non-sleepers.”

Sleep lab investigations have shown that insomniacs need a longer time to enter the first stages of sleep. Indeed their problem seems to be, in a lot of cases, that they don’t know how to fall asleep in the first place. It has also been found that their deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) dream phases are often disturbed. This, as well as tossing and turning, and frequent awakening, makes them feel as though they had no rest at all.

At the end of every night, when the Disney Land theme parks finally close their gates and the crowds of people go home, the most important hours of the Disney day begin. Huge lights go up, and massive crews of workers repair and clean every ride, every walkway, and every concession stand. They work diligently throughout the night so when the gates open the next morning, the parks are completely renewed and refreshed. The trash from the previous day is gone, all supplies have been replenished, and the roller coasters are in top condition again.

A similar thing happens every night in your body. During those hours that you are asleep, your body shuts down and repairs itself. Your immune system recharges. Your major organs are restored. Old cells are being replaced with new ones. Your mind relaxes and orders its thoughts, creating a healthy mental state.

Just imagine for a moment if the Disney Land theme parks stayed open all night or let people in at 4:00 am, cutting short the repair time? The park would eventually be unsafe, unsanitary, and definitely unappealing. It would finally end up a run-down shadow of itself, plummeting toward financial disaster and, worse, possibly causing injuries or maybe even deaths on rides that were not maintained properly.

Lack of sleep is just as disastrous for you as an individual. A good night’s sleep is free. A bad night’s sleep is costly, because it takes a huge toll on your health.

Everyone has an “inner sleep clock” which most people aren’t even aware of. It’s this system inside of your body that controls when you sleep, how long you sleep, and how much energy you have during the day. It’s this system that plays a key role in why you feel tired and lethargic at some points during the day, most people have no clue about this system, how it affects their energy, and that they can find out how to gain full control over it very quickly.

Insomnia is often mistakenly looked upon as a “problem” that has to be solved, when in fact it is simply a symptom of a weak sleeping system. If your sleeping system is weak, insomnia is very likely to occur, and the only successful way to cure insomnia is by strengthening your sleep system.

It is so important to steer away from sleeping pills to try and cure your insomnia. These can be dangerous and addictive. Additionally, if you did take sleeping pills at the initial stage of your sleeping disorder, to try to fight the insomnia off, you increased your chance of acquiring chronic insomnia by about 3000%. Chemical sleep aids are not the answer – they can actually suppress your natural sleep cycles. Your body naturally sleeps on a cycle, and if you introduce chemical triggers, you will soon be unable to sleep without your medication. Some patients even develop a tolerance to their sleep aids and need to gradually increase their dosage in order to fall asleep.

The answer for how to cure insomnia, and to stop it from continuing to ruin your life, is to treat the “root cause” of it and not just the symptoms. You need to “re-train” your mind to enter a deep and restful sleep. It’s actually very easy, when you know how! Once you have gained control of your sleep, you will find that you have gained control in all other aspects of your life. You will do better emotionally, physically, socially and professionally.