The Obesity pill Contrave is approved by FDA advisers but will it cause heart attacks

FDA advisers have voted to put the diet drug Contrave on the market. The Obesity pill will be marketed to those who need to lose weight and need a helping hand. There is cause for alarm though as many critics speak of this drug as possibly join the other recent diet pills that ended up ruining the health of the very people it was supposed to help. Many will remember the diet pill Fen-Phen that end up ruining the health of so many people. This obesity pill Contrave comes with some very scary background information.

Studies show this pill has caused the heart to have tremors and heart beat problems. This is so important because it is the same symptoms that 3 other diet pills that were removed caused. The heart attack and damage link to diet pills is strong. The pathway that the last 3 failed diet pills take often disrupt the heart rhythm and this is why these drug are usually rejected before they reach the public. Sadly for many danger diet and obesity pills have been approved and then caused deep trouble. In 1997 7 million people were hurt by the Obesity and diet drug Fen-Phen. The alarming thing about this and other diet pills is that the damage is often done over 7 years. What this means that the the heart is slowly ruined.

The pattern has been first breathing problems then heart beat irregularity. The importance of protecting the heart. When the heart goes so does normal breathing and walking. The heart is a muscle and diet pills have been doing very harmful things to the heart. It is critical to take the heart serious. It must be noted that the studies on this new drug show that it does not even produce significant weight loss. So the danger is great and the results are small. Studies show that natural diet modifications can give the same or better results than this obesity pill Contrave. It is advised to naturally reverse obesity with proper diet modifications.

 Studies reveal that diet modification natural diets beat Obesity drug for weight loss

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