The New iPhone 6: The Growth

Some of the biggest news in the tech world nowadays is about the new Apple product for the year. Whether it be the new iPad or the new iPhone, it’s always the news competing with Android and Samsung’s new products. Last year Apple released the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus, complete with the largest screens so far.

People were lining up days ahead of time to get their hands on the slimmest designed phone so far, slipping it seamlessly into their pockets with excitement clear on their faces.

The iPhone 6 brought the return of many familiar features, retina display for instance, but also many new and exciting features and a much improved camera.

Apple has improved the motion capture software enabling the user’s ability to grow as easily as their phones have. The slow motion features have increased, now allowing 240 frames per second as well as the 120 that became available on the iPhone 5s. The stabilization features have also been improved, offering cinematic video stabilization that enables much more ease when recording without the use of a tripod or other stand. Along with the return of the true tone flash, everything combines to make beautiful photos and video, especially compared to those taken by the earlier models.

Although the introduction of camera phones made capturing life’s moments more possible than ever, not everyone prides themselves on their photo and video quality. For those who adore shopping, or even for the ease of not carrying multiple credit cards, the iPhone 6 also brought along Apple Pay. Much like Passbook stores boarding passes, Apple Pay allows users to store multiple credit cards on their devices. To enable safe shopping it requires the fingerprint ID to allow the credit card information to be transferred, but allowing users to stop fishing through purses and pockets for our cards and then finding the proper card makes shopping an easier and smoother experience for all involved.

Some things become so popular and work that there’s no need to change them, as mentioned before, retina display made its triumphant return, along with the fingerprint identity sensor that’s been built into the home button since the 5s. While other features remained popular but also had the chance to be improved upon. Face detection has been improved on the camera, and the battery life has been extended which will always be a wonderful improvement.

Nowadays the more information we can carry in our pockets the better. When iPhones first came onto the scene, the largest memory available was 16 gigabytes of data. At the time it was a huge thing, suddenly we could have apps and music everywhere we went and could just carry our phones, no need for an iPod and a phone filling up both pockets, and now we had extra gaming options too. Looking back, however, 16 gigs is tiny, with tech advancements we can fit more than that on a micro usb, so of course the iPhone grew as well. The iPhone 6, though still available in a 16 gig model, goes all the way up to 128 gigs, add in cloud storage and that larger than computers used to be, all right in your pocket, and still able to make phone calls.

With any new phone we all expect some new things to learn and get used to and Apple is known for upgrading iOS as often as they upgrade their phones. The swap from iOS 6 to iOS 7 brought in a lot of changes, and a lot of new things to get used to. iOS 8 brought some terrific improvements to accompany the iPhone 6, though not as many adjustments to get used to from iOS 7, there was still plenty to be excited about. The ease of shifting from iOS 7 to iOS 8 has been widely well accepted, minimizing the pains allows people to really just enjoy the new aspects as well as the excitement of having a brand new piece of tech in their hands without having to start completely from scratch.

We live in a world that is as much impressed with form as well as function, with so many people keeping up on fashion trends, we all need something that can meld seamlessly with every situation. The new iPhone 6 may be the largest yet, but it’s also the sleekest. It can fit into pockets of skinny jeans or even into the small clutch bag that matches your favorite dress. Or slip it into your back pocket out of the way while you work and flood music directly to your headphones while not getting in the way of your movements.

If silvers and golds aren’t the colors you want in your scheme, or even if you just wanted and easier way to pick your phone out of a line up, the addition of a case of your choice, many of which capable of carrying the credit cards and ID keeping them close at hand in case you don’t want them uploaded to Apple Pay. But don’t forget to finish up the personalization with your own background, play around with the camera functions and find the perfect display for your newest accessory, make both the lock screen and the background something different if you prefer to mix it up! Or let it change with the seasons, but don’t forget to use it as a phone as well and keep in touch with all the important people in your life.

It has never been easier to keep in touch and the competition to offer the best phone will keep that ability constantly growing.