The New Image Of The Human Being After Unpleasant Discoveries

Until today we were admiring our accomplishments and adoring our egos, without suspecting that we should in fact be ashamed of our idiocy.

Today we know that God created irrational animals that violently kill their prey in order to reflect our own behavior. He had to show us that we are absurd and evil demons by showing us that we are wild animals that can think. Our planet is an open mental health hospital, where we have many examples and lessons.

The fact that we can think is a tragedy because our thoughts are disorganized and dangerous.

God gave us a human conscience in order to put an end to this tragedy by organizing our thoughts and our behavior based on goodness, but we must obey His rules in order to eliminate our satanic primitive conscience and be transformed.

However, our conscience disagrees with God because we like to be evil.

Our new image as terrible sinners who have a satanic nature is unpleasant and frustrating, but now we can see how idiotic, absurd, and evil we are. This is a tragic and enlightening moment for humanity.

Now we can understand incomprehensible mysteries, and find explanations for all unexplained phenomena thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, based on my simplifications and clarifications.

Now we have the chance to read God’s words in our dreams and understand our complex reality.

In order to stop suffering we must eliminate terror. Physical and mental diseases result from our indifference to the existence of terror.

Our world is an unfair living hell where only those who manage to make money have some protection. Poverty and injustice are killing the biggest part of the world population.

Mental illnesses result from the unfair world in combination with the absurdity everyone already inherits in their brain. These mental illnesses are destroying the human side of the human race.

We have a human side because God gave us a human conscience, but we have to preserve our conscience and increase its power by obeying God’s guidance. We have to respect His rules in order to find balance.

Otherwise, Satan will control our mind and our behavior.

Satan is our anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain, and remains in a primitive condition. This idiotic and absurd conscience is self-destructive. Its existence is a tragedy.

We have to put an end to this tragedy by obeying the divine guidance in our dreams, and learning the real meaning of goodness. This is how we will develop our conscience and become true geniuses, instead of being idiotic demons.