The New Car Delivery Process is Crucial to Customer Satisfaction

Delivering your vehicle to your customer is the last impression they will have of you and your dealership. It is crucial to customer satisfaction to make this part of the process stand out. An excellent delivery with a shiny new car, full of gas can enhance the customer buying experience even if the process was not very smooth from start to finish.

The key to successful customer satisfaction at delivery is great timing. Once the customer exits the business office, have the new vehicle clean, gassed and ready to drive home. In most stores it takes longer to get a new vehicle cleaned up for delivery than it does to complete the paper work process. As soon as the customer agreements to take delivery of the vehicle, get the signature and the buyer's order then get the vehicle to detail for delivery.

I recommend this because it will then allow the salesperson to come back and focus on his paperwork before handing the deal over to the business office. Then the salesperson can start the delivery process, going over the warranty, maintenance recommendations and many of the new owner questions. The business manager comes then can come in to introduce himself and begins the final paper work process. This then allows the salesperson up to go to detail and check on the new vehicle. Where is it in the detail process?

Are there any issues or concerns with the vehicle that need to be addressed? This allows the salesperson to address any issues while the customers are occupied with the business manager – not while the customer is left alone in an office. This process allows for smooth transitions in and out of the business office and anticipates the customer from having to wait unnecessarily at any point in the delivery process. This process is proven to help the salesperson and the dealership receive higher ratings for customer satisfaction.

In most stores I have visited the process is getting the paper work done, get the customer in to the business office and last get the vehicle to detail. When the process happens like this the customer has usually finished their final paper work in 45 minutes, yet it takes the average detail department two hours to clean a vehicle for delivery. This is going to leave the customer and the salesperson with nothing to do an hour or longer. Nothing can ruin a customer's sales experience more or put the salesperson in a bad mood quicker. I have heard many salespeople complain, "Where is my car?" "Why do the wait to do my cars?" – All of this can be avoided by getting the vehicle to detail first.