The Natural Spinal Meningitis Treatment

SymptomsHigh fever, vomiting, headache, prostration, pain in the back, legs, and neck, and convulsions, are the most frequent symptoms.  Drowsiness, irritability, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, and sometimes a rash may also be present.  This disease usually occurs in children under the age of ten.  Any movement of the patient causes much pain, and a position with the head and neck bent backward and held rigid is frequently assumed.TreatmentThe earlier in the disease that treatment is begun, the better the results will be.  The disease is much more sever and more frequently fatal in infants less than a year of age.  The older the child, the fewer the complications, which include paralysis and various degrees of brain damage.  Since the introduction of antibiotics the mortality rate has dropped dramatically.Make sure the bowels stay open and use herbal laxatives and colon cleanses as necessary.Diet should very alkaline and nourishing.  A fruit diet is advisable.Herbal Medicine
– Golden seal:Combined with skullcap and hops, it is a very good tonic for spinal nerves and is very good in spinal meningitis.  It’s an antiperiodic, which prevents the reoccurrence of attacks of diseases.”Side Effects”Kills and neutralizes poisons.  Don’t take for long periods of time without a break.- Lobelia:Lobelia is the most powerful relaxant known among herbs.  It calms stomachs, nerves, inflammations, and lungs (as in a cough).- Black Cohosh:It’s great for not just spinal meningitis but dropsy and rheumatism.”Side Effects”It’s great for blood pressure and your kidney and liver.  Because of the potency pregnant women should not take it and it shouldn’t be taken for long periods of time without taking a break.