The Natural Pneumonia Treatment

The Causes:

The direct cause of pneumonia is usually infection with some form of bacteria, virus, or fungus. Exposure to cold and dampness, with lowered resistance, is a contributing factor.


Proper treatment, given at the first signs of a cold or chilliness, will likely prevent a severe attack and will in all probability prevent any attack.

For a cold and sore throat, the nose and throat should be kept clean by sniffing salt water up the nose and then blowing the nose, holding one side shut while blowing through the other. Use one teaspoon of salt to a pint of water. Do this several times a day. Gargle and rinse out the mouth with salt water.

Only liquids should be given for the first few days. The best ones to use are lemonade without sugar, grapefruit juice, orange juice, pineapple juice (unsweetened); other fruit juices may also be used.

When there is a high fever, this diet should be followed until the fever returns to near normal.



Powerful remedy in coughs and ulceration or inflammation of the lungs. Soothes and protects inflamed mucous membranes.

“Side Effects”

It has an excellent effect on internal sores and pains.


Warms and strengthens the lungs and thins out and ejects the excess mucous It’s a stimulant and tonic for the mucous membranes.

“Side Effects”

It’s good for the urinary tract and delayed menstruation.


It’s good for all lung and throat diseases. It expels excess mucous

“Side Effects”

Good for colds, coughs and difficulty breathing.