The Mount of Jupiter

Palmistry is a very interesting subject that deals with interpreting the various line formations and other palm features to determine an individual’s character and his or her future prospects. Palmists believe that the lines, rings and mounts that form the topography of the palm are actually the various nerve linkages, the thought patterns and chromosomal effects. There are three main features of the palm, the lines, mounts and rings. There are 8 types of principal lines and 7 kinds of mounts. The mount of Jupiter is one of the seven mounts of the palm. The mounts are actually certain regions on the surface of the palm. The mount of Jupiter is located just below the index finger and beside which the mount of Saturn lies.

The following are the indications that are determined by the various forms of appearances of the mount of Jupiter. The normal position of the mount of Jupiter indicates qualities of good leadership, good education, wisdom and possessor of pride and good luck.

The following are the traits of individuals having the Jupiter mount in the normal position with different shapes of fingers.

o Normal position with pointed finger means possessor of high religious ideals

o Conical finger will indicate having lofty pride

o Square finger will show pride on daily life

o Spatulate fingers will indicate having great entrepreneurial qualities

If the Jupiter mount is not in its normal position and is displaced a different set of reading will be done. The following are the various indications based on the change of position of the Jupiter mount.

o If the mount has moved towards the upward region, it represents traits like self praise, vanity, pride and ego.

o If the mount happens to be tilting towards the mount of Saturn, it reflects self-consciousness.

o If the mount is positioned close to the heart line then it reveals pride in possessing the quality of affection.

o If the mount is near the line of head the individual is believed to have pride in having intellect and mental power.

o If the mount is towards the life line, it indicates immense pride

If the mount of head is crisscrossed by unusual lines or is abnormally prominent then the person is more likely to be suffering from cardiac arrest, blood circulation problem, apoplexy and lung disorders. Unless the self esteem is hurt or has been immensely humiliated, the individual having a well formed mount of Jupiter very rarely gets tempted to commit suicide.