The Most Important Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

The ginkgo biloba benefits are well known all over the world. First of all, this herb is recognized for its memory improvement effects. Studies for this matter have been performed even from 30 years ago. The number of such studies has exceeded 300, but the scientists continue to search for any other possible benefits.

Memory loss can be determined by a bad circulation of the blood to the brain. Ginkgo biloba improves the blood flow to the brains and also enhances the overall circulation. Some of the substances contained by ginkgo biloba dilate the blood vessels and help the blood to circulate easier. This herb also alters the platelets, which have a vital role in the coagulation of the blood. Therefore, people who follow a treatment based on ginkgo biloba are recommended not to take anti-coagulants such as aspirin.

If a hemorrhage occurs, the coagulation will take more time, in this situation. On the other hand, the ginkgo biloba extract prevents the appearance of blood clots in the vessels. Stroke, which is also one of the causes of memory loss, can be avoided by using supplements based on ginkgo biloba.

The herb contains more then 40 active substances. However, out of all these, most of the ginkgo biloba benefits are due to flavonoids and terpenoids. These substances are some of the best known antioxidants. Their role is to improve the memory, but they are also used as remedies for vertigo. Flavonoids and terpenoids also have an important role in the metabolism. They increase the efficiency of the immune system by neutralizing the effect of the free radicals.

Controlling the conversion of cholesterol to plaque is also one of the most important ginkgo biloba benefits. Cholesterol can harden the circulation of the blood by depositing on the arteries. If hypercholesterolemia is not treated, the risk of stroke increases. The extract of ginkgo biloba enlarges the blood vessels but also helps them to relax.

Memory enhancement is only one of the ginkgo biloba benefits related to the mental processes. The reaction time, as well as the mental clarity, can be improved by using supplements based on ginkgo biloba. Approximately 20 percent of the oxygen consumed by the body goes to the brain. The ginkgo biloba extract prevents this amount from becoming lower.

Furthermore, the ginkgo biloba benefits also include improvement of the ear and eye conditions. As many studies have revealed, ginkgo biloba can be successfully used for treating eye problems when these are determined by diabetes or age-related macular degeneration.