The Most Common Types of Seizures

There are many common types of seizures that are experienced by individuals that have epilepsy. Medical professionals typically categorize seizures by two unique types.

The first type is referred to as a generalized seizure. The second type is referred to as a partial seizure. In the seizures that are categorized as generalized, there is an increased level of electrical based activity occurring throughout the entire brain.

In those that are identified as partial, this electrical activity is limited to one section of the brain – typically, only a small portion. In this epilepsy guide, you will learn about the most common types of seizures that may be experienced by individuals.

Grand Mal Seizure

The Grand Mal seizure is also identified by medical professionals as the “Generalized Tonic-Clonic”. This is actually considered to be the most severe of all seizures based on the individual’s symptoms that experience it. Most individuals that experience this type of seizure will suffer from rigidity within the muscles.

Eventually, the person may lose consciousness. In nearly all cases related to this type of seizure, the individual will collapse. Individuals that suffer from this type of seizure will typically experience jerking and twitching of the body that is considered to be relatively violent.

The Absence Seizure

The absence seizure is considered to be the next most common type of seizure experienced by individuals. This results in a small lapse of consciousness. This typically lasts for less than a minute. In most cases, it is a matter of just seconds. The sufferer of this type of seizure will typically stop what they are doing and go into a sort of blank mode where they seem to stare off with absolutely no emotion.

Many individuals that experience this type of seizure actually do not realize that they are experiencing it. In most instances, the individual will complain that time has been lost, but nothing more.

The Atonic Seizure

The atonic seizure is another type of common seizure that many epileptic patients suffer from. This actually does not produce too many symptoms, but the symptoms that are experienced may easily result in complications that could result in a serious injury.

When patients experience this type of seizure, they will find that the tone within their muscles is lost. The most common areas of the body that experience this are the arms and the legs. When this occurs, the individual may actually fall. The fall may result in a serious injury.

Myoclonic Seizures

When an individual experiences this type of seizure, their body will start to jerk in a sporadic manner. This is not confined to just one side of the body. Both sides of the body are usually affected by this type of seizure. Many individuals describe the sensation that they get with this type of seizure as an “electrical” sensation.

Many may even describe it as “shocks”. In some cases, individuals that experience this type of seizure will experience bouts of violence. When this happens, the individual may throw things or drop things in an involuntary manner. While these are the most common types of seizures, those with epilepsy may suffer from many others including clonic seizures, and partial seizures.