The Most Common Disability Among Children

Have you ever wanted to know what made up 75% of all at-birth  disabilities ? Well, it is a condition known as hip dysplasia, commonly referred to as just DDH. DDH, although it is not talked about much is actually a very common condition. My daughter had this when she was born and it was discovered when she was about 6 months old.

There are a couple of things that can correct DDH such as the use of a brace or surgery with a spica cast. Our daughter, unfortunately, had to have the surgery to correct her situation. She is now 2 and a half years old and still undergoing different types of treatments as her hip slowly creates a proper hip socket for itself and moves into the correct position.

She spent about six months in a cast, known as a spica cast. The thing is basically a body cast made up of plaster. It covered both legs, went all the way to the ankles and then up to just below her chest. Being so young, I think she was able to adjust very quickly. Unfortunately, it is always hard on the parents. This is why we have decided to create our own website specifically about this type of condition that parents have to go through so often.

When we first found out about a spica cast, we only received a two page pamphlet on it. We had no idea how to take care of it, how to change her diaper with it on, what she would be capable of doing or anything. It was a very scary experience.