The Mental-Emotional Cause of Diabetes

Adult-onset diabetes (Type II Diabetes Mellitus) has an insidious cause that most conventional doctors know nothing about: the mind and emotions. This cause is well-known in metaphysical circles and it is common knowledge there that to remove the cause is to cure the disease. To determine what could have caused your own diabetes, look back to when it started. What was going on in your life at that time? Be really honest with yourself and look deeply into what your emotional state was.

Most of the time people who develop diabetes have some triggering event. The event is usually deeply emotional and made them feel like “All the sweetness in life has been taken away.” Before you tell yourself that it can’t be that simple…yes it can, and usually is. Look back at what changed so dramatically during that time. It is common for those who lose a loved one to develop diabetes within one year after the loss. The loss can be through death or through the break-up of the relationship. Either way, it is a loss; the more sudden, the more traumatic.

Those who lose a job they love, develop a devastating disease, or some kind of big lifestyle change are also susceptible. Of course, not everyone who goes through such losses develops diabetes. The ones who go into this disease are the ones who were unprepared to cope with the changes. The preparation has to do with mental-emotional coping skills, not financial (although financial preparedness softens the blow somewhat).

While the dietary indiscretions of excessive alcohol consumption and sweets overloads are well-known causes of diabetes, these are actually behaviors that are symptoms of the deep distress of the person. Get to the core of the issue to heal the problem. You know, Life isn’t ‘fair’, nothing is guaranteed, and just because you have a life you love now doesn’t mean it will continue unabated in such lovely manner.

Preparation for life’s challenges goes beyond the physical and well into the mental-emotional, metaphysical and spiritual. Develop good coping skills now, before you need them. If you are already in diabetes, it’s not too late. With proper care and assistance, you can reverse most medical conditions (short of losing a part of the body of course). Sure, it takes work…lots of work…and it takes the determination that you are healthy. It’s a matter of mind over matter and the force of your Will, but plenty of people have created ‘miracles’ in their lives. Conventional doctors call such things ‘unexplained remission’ of the disease, while traditional doctors snicker and call it the ‘how the body is supposed to work’. If you want a ‘miraculous healing’, make it happen-it’s all up to you.

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