The medicinal uses of paw- paw (carica papaya)

paw-paw is one of the greatest gifts of God to humanity. Everything about paw-paw is useful, from the root to the leaves are all medicinal. Even the seeds of paw-paw are naturally worm expeller. Unripe paw-paw contains milky juice a protein digesting enzyme called pepsin.learn more Click Here! Paw-paw also is known to have another important quality that helps to prevent ulcer and help to heal them after they have developed.

Paw-paw also contains all the enzymes needed for the digestion of food and the release of gas .Fresh paw-paw leaves when squeezed with little water help to relief abdominal pain. There are two type of paw-paw the male and the female. The male doesn’t bear fruits and it is more medicinal than the female. The leaves of the male paw-paw when squeezed in a cup of water and little salt added to it help to cure malaria.

Some of the diseases paw-paw can cure are as follows:

1. MALARIAL This plant can frankly help to overcome malaria fever, which is a very common cause of death in some parts of the world. To administer, squeeze some yellow pawpaw leaves in water, take a glassful three times daily for seven days. This preparation is also good for jaundice with the same dosage. At the end of the seventh day, the fever will be no more I assure you.

2. DIABETES The green leaves of pawpaw are good for diabetes and for diabetes-induced hypertension. Squeeze the green leaves in water and take a glass three times daily. This preparation is also good for constipation.

3. STOMACH ULCER Cut a big unripe pawpaw fruit into bits. Do not remove the peel or seeds. Simply cut the whole fruit into cubes. Then soak in five bottles of water for four days. Sieve and take half a glass three times daily for two weeks. This is a very good remedy for any type of intestinal ulcer

4. EXTERNAL ULCER The white milky sap of the unripe paw-paw contains a high percentage of papain, which is used for chronic wounds or ulcers. This can be obtained by making a slight cut on the unripe pawpaw fruit to allow the juice to drop. Papain is also present in the ripe pawpaw fruit.

5. ASTHMA Burn dried pawpaw leaves and inhale the smoke during an attack of asthma. This immediately relieves the patient. To prevent an attack, inhale the smoke every night. This miraculously also has the potential of overcoming the asthma permanently.there are other disease too numerous to mention which paw-paw can cure.try it yourself and see the wonders of nature.