The Medical Tourism Spotlight Is on New Zealand

If you’re living with chronic knee or hip pain at night, or are seeking hip or knee pain relief, then you’ve probably already visited a doctor. Depending on your condition he may have recommended hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery or hip resurfacing surgery. And, depending on your current insurance program you’ve likely seen how expensive those surgeries can be.

There is an alternative option to paying the high U.S. cost of these procedures – medical or health tourism in New Zealand. Of course you can elect not to have knee or hip replacement surgery at all, but managing the pain and what it does to your quality of life may make this choice unfeasible. Health tourism can reduce surgery costs significantly, but pricing considerations aside, there are certain risks – seen or not – that you need to consider before choosing your medical tourism destination, including:

  • ‘Superbugs’ and other infectious diseases
  • The number of vaccinations required for travel to certain health destinations
  • The travel time needed to get to certain medical tourism destinations
  • Risk of terrorism and other violence
  • The quality of technology used at the medical facilities at certain health tourism destinations
  • The quality of the food and water at certain destinations

People interested in health tourism as an option need to consider the larger picture, beyond the procedure itself; from the beginning of your travel for hip or knee pain relief, to the facilities and personalized care, to the recovery period before your travel home. It needs to be stress and problem free so you can get back to enjoying your quality of life faster. That’s why New Zealand is a fantastic option!

Recently, according to the 2010 Global Peace Index, New Zealand was rated as the world’s most peaceful country. It was rated very low or at low risk in the following areas:

  • Level of violent crime
  • Number of homicides
  • Level of organized conflict
  • Potential for terrorism
  • Political instability
  • Hostility toward foreign travelers

New Zealand has extremely low rates of the infectious diseases MRSA, Hepatitis A, VRE, Tuberculosis, and HIV. Most other, popular destinations for health tourism require or strongly urge vaccinations for typhoid, malaria, rabies, hepatitis A, and Japanese encephalitis. Traveling to New Zealand requires no vaccinations!

In New Zealand, the food is safe and the water is clean. Food safety standards are strictly regulated by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. In New Zealand, the medical facilities are clean and state-of-the-art, all using the latest technologies. The doctors and medical staff are all highly-trained – many in fact are trained in the U.S. English is the primary language in New Zealand, a factor that is so important when discussing a major medical treatment such as knee or hip replacement surgery.

New Zealand is also easier to get to than many other orthopedic procedure destinations. Direct flights from Los Angeles will have you in Auckland in just about 12 hours.

New Zealand is on the cusp of becoming a major destination for health tourism. Knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, and hip resurfacing surgery can be performed at up to 50% less than the cost of the same procedure in the U.S. You don’t have to live with chronic pain anymore.