The Many Causes of Fatigue – Its Diagnosis and Natural Treatment – Part 1

Fatigue can have many causes. Overcoming fatigue, on a consistent basis requires that the underlying causes be understood and addressed. Below you will find the most common causes of fatigue.

Generally when these areas are addressed energy levels come up and the feelings of vitality and well being increase. In our clinic we ask a number of questions on every visit to asses the overall subjective experience of health and well being. These questions are on a scale of 1-10 with 7 being what we consider good health. Many of our patients come to us because their subjective experience of energy and vitality is below 7, often below 4. If your energy levels are below 7/10 or if you want to raise your energy levels even higher then you may want to consider the following areas.

Part I we cover:

  • General Issues
  • Heavy Metals
  • Parasites
  • Food Allergies and Gluten Sensitivity

General Issues Poor cases, deficient soils, high stress and lunatic weight loss schemes can often lead to deficiencies in one or more of these basic nutrients. You can address these areas by taking a high quality, broad spectrum multiple vitamin, mineral and fish oil or you can test each of these areas to find out if you are deficient in any of these nutrients. With testing you can target your individual needs.

  • Vitamin Testing
  • Mineral Testing
  • Amino Acid Testing
  • Fatty Acid Testing.

Heavy Metals Toxic metals are all too present in our environment, including our food, air and water. For sensitive individuals, even mercury amalgams may cause serious problems. These heavy metals can cause a severe drain on the body's ability to function, including creating damage to the immune system and the nervous system. Some of the worst problems we see are lead and mercury toxicity. Much of the mercury can come from dental amalgams especially when improperly removed.

Another major area of ​​mercury toxicity comes from the mercury that is in vaccinations. Evidence is pointing to the too early, too rapid vaccine of our children as a causative agent in ADD, ADHD and Autism. Many times this mercury is stored in the body for many years after the initial vaccination and special programs must be used to eliminate heavy metal toxicity. We recommend doing provoked urine heavy metal testing.

Parasites Testing at various labs indicate that many of us have intestinal parasites. These can vary from microscopic, so that we can not see them, to large worms. In addition is the intestinal dysbiosis caused by use of antibiotics, poor diets and exposure. This may be a far more common problem that was suspected. If you suspect parasites we recommend the Comprehensive Parasitology testing.

Parasites can be difficult to find and just as difficult to eradicate. Often times it is best to test first to find out what you have and then to pick a specific remedy that works for that parasite. Alternately you can use one of the general parasite cleanses. The difficulty here is that you are not sure it will work and if you did not test you are not sure you got rid of it. Another problem with cleaning of parasites is that the can be burrowed into the linings of the large or small intestines and they can be in layers. This can make it hard to detect them.

In addition it may mean that you have to do several rounds of cleanses as each round may only kill the topmost level. As the gut heals from the inflammation the underlying parasites are now accessible and can be killer. Unlike many of the popular parasite programs out there that promise quick results, the facts are that killing all the parasites and infections that can take some time and require persistence. Parasite Eggs Parasites are living breeding organisms and as such lay eggs. These eggs can lay dormant for some time. You may do a very good parasite cleanse but stop too soon. You killed all the active parasites but left the eggs. The eggs then hatch and you are now in the same place as before except you are probably frustrated. So any good program has to be long enough to get the eggs as well.

Sometimes the addition of a castor oil pack will get the eggs to hatch that speeding their eradication.

Fungus and Candida Yeast Infections Fungus and yeast infections are very prevalent in our society. They seem to come about from a breakdown of the immune system often due to unhealthy alterations in the body terrain. By the time the fungus or yeast has taken root there has probably been an ongoing problem for some time. This is part of the reason why it can be so difficult to kill them and get rid of them permanently. An addition consideration when trying to kill yeast is that they appear to metabolize heavy metals in the gut. Heavy metal toxicity is very common in our culture due to the mercury in our mouths (whose idea was that), the mercury used as a preservative in our childhood vaccines (another crazy idea) and the mercury and other toxic metals in the environment. Some practitioners feel that trying to kill the yeast with a candida program before removing the metals is inappropriate. So before deciding on killing yeast in your body you may want to do a heavy metal test to find out if you have this common problem.

Gluten, Wheat Sensitivity, Food Allergies and Celiac Disease Another problem when dealing with parasites are sensitivities that affect the lining of the gut. This includes gluten, gliadin, food allergies and celiac disease. These conditions can cause inflammation of the gut lining. When the gut lining is inflated parasites can burrow deep inside making it very difficult to find and kill them. When there are sensitivities involved it may be necessary to first resolve the inflammatory process before killing the parasites. Alternately working on both at once is also a useful approach, that is removing the irritants such as allergens or wheat and also killing the parasites. The trick here is that there may once again be layers of parasites due to the inflammation and so repeated parasite cleanse will be often be necessary. Some clinicians have found an average of three layers of parasites.

To detect food allergies we recommend doing a LEAP MRT for a comprehensive sate of the art look at foot allergies. For gluten sensitivity and celiac disease we recommend one of the gluten sensitivity tests.

Not Certain What To Do Next? If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; Egypt, if you would like additional help: