The Many Amazing Properties of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is well known to be a good natural antiseptic treatment. But did you know that is also an anti-fungal and an anti-biotic? Here a just a few of the many things that it can be used to treat:

Herpes – around the mouth (It actually removes it for good – unlike many other pharmaceutical creams).

Impetigo – If caught early, Tea Tree oil may eradicate it.

Bad Breath – Yes, dilute 1 drop in a glass for water for a very effective mouth wash.

Ulcers – Again, dilute into a mouthwash and use 3 times a day.

Fungal Infection such as Athletes foot.


Insect Bites


Tonsillitis – I personally recovered from major Tonsillitis when I was stuck in the rainforest once – miles from a doctor. I had nothing but a bottle of Tea Tree oil and I made a full recovery. Before that I had been getting recurring tonsillitis nearly every year and always had to take antibiotics. After recovering without antibiotics however, and using only Tea tree mouthwash, I never got it again.

As you can see, tea tree is a bit of a wonder plant. I personally started using it for a mouthwash 2 years ago and since then very rarely get any mouth ulcers or tooth ache.

I'm not even trying to sell this stuff – I just really do believe in the power of it so much that I wanted to tell people about it.

Do be careful though as you should never swallow it and you should not really put it onto an open wound unless diluted in a carrier oil. And also you need to be careful when making a mouthwash as the difference between 1 and 2 drops can be quite a shock! It does have a taste that takes getting used to. But after rinsing it out you do feel very fresh. When making mouthwash you can also add a drop of mint oil to make your mouth really fresh.

As an antibiotic it can effectively treat Impetigo. But be warned – unless you notice improvement within a week or if your condition get rapidly worse, you must go to a doctor immediately. Impetigo can very quickly get bad and cause your body to swell up. However if you catch it very early and rub Tea tree oil (diluted in a carrier oil) onto the infected area, it can heal within a few days.