The Magical Life

You have got to believe in something inside and outside of yourself, I realize that, for life to mean anything. But, here is the catch to that simple sentence: You have got to think for yourself about what you believe in, you have got to know for yourself if it works or not. The responsibility to lead yourself in where you go falls on you as it falls on me. Sure, I could write in a less blunt way about this subject. Indeed, though, I would genuinely feel I am doing you wrong and creating bad cause and effect for myself (Bad Karma). So, I am going to endeavor here to tell the honest truth, and create good cause and effect for myself (Good Karma).

When we look at things with a different and more conscientious consciousness and genuinely think for ourselves, everything becomes easy not to take for granted, even a normal church day on Sunday becomes wonderfully magical where God or Intuition speaks through normal situations that take on a whole new meaning, right down to prayer and affirmations of faith and belief. So, I will skip to this look for the magical in all things normal and strange, and magic there will be, right down to simply and consciously enjoying a normal day in genuine ways that does not take things for granted. To lift a line from singer Paul Simon, medicine is magical and magical is art, and I genuinely believe magic can be found anywhere, everywhere and all the time if we just genuinely perceive it, act on it, affirm it and appreciate it.

When I think about all of the above, I cannot take a thing for granted, not even my relationship with my Mom. Although things do get a little contentious between us at times seemingly with small arguments and little disagreements. They blow over, and I love her very much and all and I genuinely respect her and listen to her. In fact her advice is the greatest magical medicine for me, because she gives me a better slant on things I otherwise would not have.

Beyond that, I genuinely take nothing for granted though, not even “given realities”. I truly know what it means when it is said in the Christian King James version of the Bible, The Book of Matthew, Matthew Chapter thirteen, Verse twelve For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he has. Sure, I edited that saying a bit. Indeed, though, you get that picture. It could say: To those who take things for granted without genuine appreciation that which they have will genuinely leave or be taken away, to those who do not take things for granted with genuine appreciation, they will genuinely get better and more. I reversed the order of the verse too, because of something I believe fully about life. If we do not get “it”, we never get “it” until we get “it”. If we do genuinely get it, we can grow genuinely.

I spelled out a lot here, some will get it, some will not. But, all I know is that the value is there, and I do not take what I write for granted. With that reality humbly and consciously given, I can say what I mean and mean what I say.