The Leading Oral Thrush Treatments

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The goal of any oral thrush treatment in adults is to stop the rapid spreads of the fungus called candida. In order to do that we must understand the root of the problem according to age, general health, or other factors that may be causing the infection.

Diabetics who have had a high blood sugar event recently are very likely to have a episode of thrush. The best solution here may be as simple as rinsing your mouth with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide a couple of times a day, maybe just eating yogurt several times a day and trying to avoid any more high blood sugar events.

If you drink alcohol frequently or have a high carbohydrate and sugars diet you are at higher risk of getting a thrush infection. The body converts alcohol and carbohydrates into sugar. This high level of sugar present in the saliva is the perfect environment for candida to thrive in. The best oral thrush treatment here maybe a simple diet change along with eating yogurt or rinsing your mouth with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

People with dentures often are at higher risk for thrush. It’s possible the best oral thrush treatment in this case might be to soak your dentures every night in chlorhexidine gluconate to help prevent the spread of candida. People with dentures often suffer from recurring thrush and they don’t think they can get rid of it. However quite often they cure themselves and then give them selves another infection through their infected dentures.e

If you’re taking antibiotics you might experience thrush because even though the antibiotics are helping to heal whatever your taking them for. They are also killing some of the “good” bacteria that live in your mouth that help keep candida in check. A good oral thrush treatment for you is to first see if you are experiencing any other signs of a yeast infection. Just to make sure you have not developed anything like a systemic yeast infection. A systemic yeast infection can cause a multitude of problems and thrush may be the first you notice. If it’s just thrush you can do the same as suggest above eating yogurt and rinsing your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide, even though this won’t cure a reoccurring problem.

Basically the absolute best oral thrush treatment or any kind of candida infection treatment whether it be skin, ear, penile, vaginal, digestive or even athlete’s foot has to kill all the candida living in your entire body. Anytime you have a yeast overgrowth it is called one of these types of infections but it is basically all caused by the same candida. There are different strains of candida but they can all be killed the same exact way and you can be free of any of these infections for life.

People with HIV/Aids get thrush often because of a weakened immune system. Even though getting rid of thrush temporarily may be easy trying to prevent another one is tricky. You have to find a way to help your body control candida levels. This may be through diet or a anti fungal form your doctor.