The Killer Ab Workout for More Than a Six Pack Stomach


The crowning achievement of anyone trying to get in shape and lose weight is a six pack stomach. It is the status symbol of choice in the world of health and fitness and nothing can help you obtain that look look like a killer ab workout. But besides looking good there are other health benefits to having strong abdominal muscles.

They, along with your lower back and hips, make up your core muscle group. This group of muscles is responsible for stabilizing your body during just about any activity. If you have a weak core you are more prone to poor posture, lower back pain, and muscle injuries. There are a whole list of benefits to having a strong core which include a trim waist, stopping back pain, being able to enjoy physical activity at a higher level, and improving your sex life.

A killer ab workout takes the entire core into consideration, not just the abdominals. You need a balance between muscle groups to achieve the look you want without increasing your chance of injury and back pain. It is also important to remember that getting that six pack stomach is more then a function of muscle strength, it is also about how much body fat you have covering those muscles.

If that is not enough to start working those core muscles here are 7 reasons that having a strong midsection is so important.

1. A firm and flat stomach – You will no longer have to worry about sucking in your stomach every time you take off your shirt. You can also trim an inch or more off your waist size without actually losing any weight.

2. No more back pain – Weak abs creates an imbalance in the core muscle groups. This places more strain on your glutes and hamstrings which destabilizes your spine and creates back pain. Most back pain is a result of weak abs.

3. Stronger joints – Have a strong core stabilizes your body during physical activity taking unneeded pressure off your joints.

4. More power – You will have improved performance in everything you do. This is no where more apparent then activities which involve throwing or swinging. Want to ad more yardage to your golf swing; this is the way to do it.

5. Stop hernia's – Weak abs are the primary cause of all hernias with well over five hundred thousand men have surgery for this every year.

6. Greater power and increased endurance – You will be able to run farther and faster and have more energy at the end of all your activities.

7. Increased sexual stamina – If the first six reasons are not enough to get your abs in shape then this one should. A six pack stomach is not only sexy but functionally sexy as well.

So remember, a killer ab workout is more then just sit-ups and crunches. It takes into account the entire body while focusing on the all important core muscle groups.