The Italian Fish Market


If you have ever experienced a fine Italian meal, you will most likely say that you tried some fine dish that considered of some sort of fish. More than likely this fish that was used for the Italian fish recipe, was purchased at the local Italian fish market. At this type of market, you can find just about any type of fish hard-shelled and otherwise that you can possibly imagine. With the vast oceans that surround the country of Italy and its great coastlines all-great for fishing, the markets for fish are actually swapping with fresh cuisines ingredients. There are many fishermen that catch that day, and bring their wares to the local market for the purpose of selling fresh and immediate.

Crabs And Prawns To Please The Masses

If hard-shelled fish fare is your thing, then the Italian fish market can be exactly what you have been waiting for. You can find delightful crabs along the coasts of Italy, and these crabs can be the centerpieces of an exquisite Italian feast that will certainly win the chef accolades. As far as other fine seafood that are in the hard-shelled or crustacean family, you only need to look at the imperial prawns that are found just of the Mediterranean sea. These massive yet delightful shrimp are what chefs desire to complete some of their finest culinary masterpieces. These great hard-shelled foods are actually rather cheap in the Italian fish market; It is unfortunately more expensive for those that live in other locals due to the time that the fish actually keep.

Picking Out The Freshest Fish

When you are going to the Italian fish market, you are going to want to be sure that you are picking out the freshest fish that you can find. When you are looking for fish that is fresh, the first thing you will want to do is push o the fish's skin. If the skin is tight and bounces back quickly this is a good sign off freshness. If your fingers press the fish in and it sets and lingers this way, it would be best to avoid this fish. Another way to check for freshness is to smell the fish; If the fish actually does smell fishy then it is by no means fresh. The final way to check for a fish's freshness is to look within its gills. If the gills are pink, then this fish has sat for a while, the gills should actually be bright dark red in color to indicate that it has just come from the sea.

Some Of The Finest

When it comes to fine foods, some of the finest ingredients come from the Italian fish market. Many people assume that Italian food is nothing more than great pasta; This could not be further from the truth as many great Italian recipes consist of great seafood. You can find some of the most decorated chefs in the world cooking in wonderful Italian restaurants that specialize in great seafood meals.