The Irreversible Damage of Loud Noises


Prolonged listening to loud music with time will damage your hearing forever.

In our modern society we walk around, bike, jog or even sleep with our Walkman headsets on all the time. All those headsets are equipped with sound blasters which can be turned on to a high decibels frequency of over 85 dB at will and at anytime which means sometimes at all times.

Any sound over 85 dB if listened to over a certain period of time will damage your hearing forever.

So now its not only old folks who have audible difficulties, but a whole lot of young people also, and its on the rise.

We all have around 7500 eyelash type vibration sensors covering the cochlea of ​​our inner ears to amplify the incoming outside sounds, they also permit to discriminate and clarify those sounds.

As we grow older those vibrating sensors get progressively destroyed and provoke a constant lowering of the acuity of our auditive faculties.

This loss of audition acuity is called presbycusis:

Presbycusis is the principal cause of deafness. A state also called perception deafness. The destruction of those inner ear sensors can be accelerated by the constant repetition of listening to intensive sounds above 85 dB in sound measurement which becomes a real hearing treatment. For the simple reason that any sound above that level progressively eliminate the inner ears fine vibrating sensors. Thats the main reason why anti noise headsets must be used at all time around noises higher in intensity than 85 dB.

Walkman s, i pods, i phones:

They all permit the downloading and storing of thousands of songs and music you can listen to in your headset for hours at a time at a 100 dB sound level or above without disturbing anyone around you. Even while sleeping. Many person of the younger generation are doing just that using their headset sound blaster. When you are listening to your favorite music at a below 85 dB sound level there is no cause for alarm. But above 85 dB your hearing gets overtired and with time risk to seriously cause irreparable damage to your hearing. Our ears should not be exposed to 100 dB for any longer than 45 minutes per day. A one day pause is essential to avoid the noise harmfulness to which you are submitting your hearing too.

Silence is beneficial to your hearing the same way as nighttime is beneficial for your eyes.

For 10 minutes of listening to music above a 100 dB sound level, 30 minutes of relaxing is sufficient. But for listening one hour at the same sound sound level intensity, 16 hours of recuperation is necessary. If sometimes you hear constant humming, cracking, whistling, jingling, sound like electrical wires under high tension or cricket sounds inside your head which you are the only one to hear for long periods of time after removing your headset, this is a bad sign that You may be developing acouphene.


Acouphene are sounds generated by the neurological system. Its sounds you can hear constantly inside your head while its entirely quiet all around you. It may vary in volume and tonality and sometimes it seems to come from the left ear or sometimes the right ear or sometimes the sound seems to be coming from both ears. Those sounds could be various. Like the sound of water running through a pipe, birds chirping, crickets sounds, or again a constant humming sound. In my case I always hear a constant sharp humming sound inside my head, and that is since my youth. I now know for a fact that when I was young on the farm I used to sit behind the engine of a potato digger which was filled by horses for full days at a time. That engine was supper loud I'm sure above 85 dB I now finally discovered the cause of that constant loud noise inside my head. I have no choice but to live with it. But sometimes I wish that sound would go away. If I concentrate on it, its loud and annoying. But I learned over the years to ignore it. Acouphene is caused by a disorder of sound transmission to the brain. Our nervous system cells are always transmitting sounds of all sorts to our brain. That's why the inner ear is equipped with sound filters which can classify or choose not to emit certain of those sounds to our conscious level.

When those fine sensors or sound filters are destroyed all kind of unwanted sounds are transmitted to our cerebral cortex.

It generate sound perception of all types. This is what is called acouphene. It could be only occasional or permanent, low or high, with or without hearing loss. There is hundredths of causes for acouphene and its very hard to identify. Many persons develop acouphene after listening to music on a high intensity level for too long.


The damage caused by loud noise is sly. At the beginning you do not even realize that there is any damage. Acouphene or the sensation of cotton in your ear should be a first warning sign. The first loss is located in the reduction of high frequencies sounds which are not so frequently used or heard during everyday life. When those loss start to reach the frequencies of the human voice and you realize that you do not hear as well anymore; The damage is permanent. By paying attention we will perceive that feminine voices seems to be lower and not as audible as the male voices. The deficiency will be felt more in a noisy environment and while sitting in front of your television, which will become harder to listen to at an average volume.

Eighty percent of the voice energies fall under bass sound frequencies.

The presbya-coustic will still perceive a high proportion of the voice energies and will still capture the majority of the surrounding noises. However sixty percent of the voice comprehension energies are under the base frequencies while five percent of the voice energies are under the treble frequencies. By not hearing the treble frequencies sounds the words perception especially when pronounced with sibilant consonants (S, Z, and CH) and fricative consonants (F & K) will greatly diminish forever. So please for your own safety lower the volume.