The IQAir GC Multigas Can Protect You From Harmful Chemical Gases


People who are highly sensitive to allergens and airborne chemicals can not wear gas masks everywhere they go. Now with the IQAir GC Multigas those who are suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS can now breathe a sigh of relief. This innovative air purifier makes use of the same principle military gas masks are manufactured.

So how does it work? This GC Multigas air purifier utilizes a molecular filtration system to rid the indoor air of the different types of harmful chemicals suspended therein. Aside from cleaning the air from these harmful gases, this air purifier from IQAir effectively controls the most common allergens found inside each home which include molds, dust mites, pet dander, and pollen particles. This air purifier likewise rides the air with common home odors like kitchen and pet smells.

The air purifier's patented system boasts of only the best Swiss craftsmanship. It has four different filtration systems.

• The micro and nano particle filtration system rides the air with common house odors, smoke, and viruses and bacteria such as colds and flu.
• The carbon absorption system helps contain the organic compounds found in the house that can cause unnecessary odors.
• The chemisorptions process is responsible in destroying every harmful chemical that may be circulating in the air.
• There is also the micro charged filtration system that eliminates dust particles that might go to the lungs causing irritation.

The IQAir GC Multigas is designed to fit any part of the house. Its aesthetically small cabinet design easily blends with the other furnishings in the house. Its ultra silent fan makes it ideal for use inside your bedroom. It is also safe to place in your child's room since it will not get in the way of your child's sleep.

Here is a quick look at the product's features and important benefits:

• The air purifier's cartridge-based chemisorptions benefit people suffering from MCS.
• Effectively removes volatile organic compounds.
• Common allergens, viruses, bacteria, and smoke are efficiently eliminated thus giving people with allergy and asthma some relief and protection.
• Dust particles suspended in the air are likewise eliminated due to its micro-charged filtration system.
• It is easy to operate. Controls are fully automatic.
• It is safe to leave it running even when you are out of the house to ensure that you come home to a clean and fresh air each time.
• Equipped with a smart life indicator so that you are aware when the filter needs to be replaced.
• Comes with a low noise motor and fan.
• Its accompanying certificate of performance only shows that the product is high recognized.
• One interesting feature of this air purifier is that you can attach it to both inflow andflow vents to effectively clean every room in the house, especially when one occupant is sick.

When you need an effective air purifier that specifically targets the harmful gaseous chemicals suspended in the air, there is only one product that you need, the IQAir GC Multigas.