The Interesting History of Sunrooms

But then, someone came up with the bright idea of enclosing an area at the front of the house so that such a pleasure could be indulged in even when the weather was not so kind. And of course, there was the problem of mosquitoes and bugs. The earliest sunrooms were simply porches, some of which were given removable or opening and closing windows to allow air to enter the room and give some degree of control over it.

But the sunroom really came into its own when some clever designers studied the beneficial effects of greenhouses on plant growth, and decided they could devise a way of harnessing those same effects for our therapeutic benefit.

Once this was realized, hospitals quickly caught on to the idea of having a bright, airy space where patients could sit and relax while getting the benefits of feeling the sun. Doctors often advised patients suffering from a range of ailments, including   pleurisy  and even the common cold, to spend time in these rooms, and the patients certainly weren’t about to complain about the thought of getting out of their hospital bed and spending some time basking in the natural heat and light of the sun!

As adding to and improving our homes has become easier and more cost-effective, the appeal of an area of the home which brings together the best parts of indoor and outdoor living has grown massively.

All this means that a sunroom is today expected to be much more than just a place for relaxing. It’s a true extra room, and is expected to do the same work as all others in our homes, be that functioning as an office, games room, children’s playroom or observatory.

In short, a sunroom is our own little backyard haven, and its design and role are as individual as our own homes. When you’re ready to add a sunroom to your home, make sure your first call is the online resources. We can find the most suitable company in your area to carry out your sunroom project, taking care of the legwork for you, and leaving you to plan your new addition around your lifestyle.