The Importance Of Optimism!

In our last article, high achievers were simply defined as having a predisposition towards perpetual action. To begin and see through what they resolved to do, no matter what.

This leads one to ponder the reasons why so few act. What separates the doers from the rest of the pack? Extensive research points to the reasons why winners keep winning.

Winners think optimistically, no matter what!

There is this law, the First Law of Thermodynamics that we must understand. Put simply, the law states that everything in our Universe tends towards chaos.

Businesses will fail, investments will make losses, relationships from time-to-time will prove challenging. I read somewhere recently that the average self-made millionaire goes close to or becomes bankrupt on average, 3.2 times. Isn’t that amazing?

Optimism allows us to move on, despite our setbacks, despite our bruises. There are no failures if we learn and decide to bounce back from such obstacles. Failures are only failures if we decide to remain defeated..

The word “optimism” gives us some more clues here. ‘Opt’ equates to choice. Each one of us has a choice, to see things pessimistically (glass half empty) or optimistically (half full).

In 480 BC, a brave band of 300 Spartans decided to defend democracy at the pass of Thermopylae against a force of 200,000 Persians. The Persian general, Hidarnes warned his Spartan counterpart Leonidas, that his army’s arrows would be so thick that they would block out the sunlight. Leonidas welcomed the dilemma, answering that his men would happily fight in the shade! The Spartans held the pass long enough to later thwart the Persian advance at Platea. Optimism.

Winners are winners because they have embraced failure. It’s not what happens to them that determines their rewards. It’s how they perceive events.

Martin Seligman, in his latest offering. “Learned Optimism” states that champions view negative events as being one off incidents, whereas losers think of them as being permanent and pervasive, here to stay. Losers allow setbacks to affect them long term, thus nullifying future attempts to move forward.

So what if you have made mistakes in the past. Hey, welcome to the species …Homo sapiens. We all fall on the side of error. Embrace life’s challenges and its associated setbacks. How else do you think you will grow? How else would you learn? Be grateful.

Key Questions:

The most important conversation you will ever have is that with YOURSELF. What are you saying to yourself? Ninety-five percent of what happens to you depends on it.

Even more importantly, what are you exposing your mind to? The incoming noises from people, media, the environment – what messages are they delivering? Are they negative or positive?

Get out off negative situations, negative people, and the negative news. Start feeding your mind with positive nutrients. Good books, programs, events, most importantly people. Eagles don’t fly with turkeys.