The Importance of Lymphedema Compression Garments

Lymphedema is not a common word within the public nor is it a disease most will recognize. It is, however, one that can easily effect any individual. Prevalent in those recovering from surgery or even simple injury, it can quickly become a dangerous problem: skin will swell beyond the limits of its own elasticity and infections can occur, ones that may not be able to be treated later on. And, while the majority may be unaware of this disease, those who are at risk for it must realize what is to be done.

The Lymphedema compression garments must be applied.

What are these? To put it simply, compression garments are tailored for the individual and their infected area. Legs, hands or arms will be measured; then, tight fabric will be carefully placed against them. It will press firmly across the swelling, keeping further liquid from accumulating. And, while these do not force the liquid out, they do still prove vital.

Of course, compression garments will only work if the proper steps are taken with them. You must first have them crafted by a professional. Do not think that buying bandages or similar products will create the same effect. These must be made for you. Otherwise, the treatment process cannot begin.

Secondly, you will have to keep them in top shape. This means changing them every twelve hours, washing them after each use and eventually having them replaced as they lose their fit. Please note that this can also happen as the swelling is reduced. Even if you are careful with your garments, they may still need to be changed if they no longer cling to the infection.

Remember, though: the ultimate treatment is to consult with your doctor the moment you suspect you may have this disease. Waiting is not an option and, while the compression garments and other methods have been proven themselves to work, they are no substitutes for early prevention. Keep your doctor informed of any signs, symptoms or worries. Do not simply assume that swelling will disappear on its own. Take precautions and keep yourself safe. This cannot be stressed enough.

With a combination of spotting the problem as it occurs and applying the garments, there is a high chance for success; and, most importantly, for recovery. You just have to keep yourself informed and refuse to rely on assumptions.

Lymphedema may not be well-known but it is still dangerous. This is important to remember.