The Importance of Immunization

In the time past, parents reported so many cases of children that died in their prime. Many of these parents did not enjoy child bearing and rearing because of this early death. Many did not know why these children died. However, recent survey conducted in my locality, oko agbado showed that many children survive nowdays compared to children two decades ago. Why? The reason is not far fetched. It is due to the immunization program going on across the length and breadth of this nation including my community.

What is immunization? Immunization is an act of preventing childhood diseases such as whooping cough, measles, diphtheria, chicken pox, small pox, poliomyelitis and yellow fever by giving chemical substance which has the causative organization of the infection to reduce virulent state. It can either be given by injection or through mouth. The importance of this immunization are numerous.

Firstly, it has lowered mortality rate among children. As earlier said, about two decades ago many children died because they were not immunized from these deadly childhood diseases. Parents then attributed the death of these children to supernatural phenomenon such as the attack by witches and wizards on their wards, next door neighbor's attack and so many superstitious beliefs. Now, due to this program and public enlightenment given to it, many parents heeded-the call and immunized their children against these childhood diseases and the result is what we have now, that is, the children are alive.

Secondly, children are now looking healthy, not only are the children having long life span but also they are looking hale and hearty. They do not have disturbed growth. Gone are the days when you find some children` using crutches to walk because of not being immunized against poliomyelitis. Like-wise the days are gone when you find some children who survived measles infection but have spotted faces because of not being immunized against these diseases.

Thirdly, on the part of parents especially mothers, they now have the sign of relief due to surviving rate of their children. They do not pass through agonizing experiences of taking their wards to herbalists and spiritualists who will ask them to pay huge sums of money before treating the child. Even most of the time they prescribe unrelated and untested medicines for them to use for the hospitals, clinics, and sometimes, wait at home for medical workers to immunize their children. In other words, it saves them time, money, energy and pains.

In conclusion, immunization has brought sound` health to the children in the world, it has reduced the agony parents pass through during child rearing and lastly, It has reduced