The Importance of First Aid

If your friend has an accident then the first person there will be the first aider or the person who will help her until others get there. First aid is about using your commonsense in ways that will keep your friend safe without doing harm to her.

Until emergency help arrives, try to control bleeding. If possible, first put on rubber or latex gloves before touching any blood. If these are not available, a clean plastic bag can be used to cover your hands. It is important not to come in contact with blood because of the health risks. If finger or hand pressure is inadequate to control bleeding, place a thick pad of clean cloth or bandage directly over the wound, and hold in place with a belt, bandage, neckties or cloth strips. Take care not to stop the circulation to the rest of the limb. For injuries where a tie cannot be used, such as to the groin, back, chest, head and neck, place a thick pad of clean cloth or bandage directly over the wound and control the bleeding with finger or hand pressure. If bones are not broken, raise the bleeding part higher than the rest of the body. If the injury is extensive, the victim may go into shock and should be treated for it.

Control severe bleeding by applying firm pressure to the wound using a clean, dry dressing and raise it above the level of the heart. Lay the person down, reassure them, keep them warm and loosen tight clothing.

Safety is an awareness of your surroundings and a healthy fear of unstable situations. By its very nature, an emergency is an unstable situation. If everything were truly under control, nothing bad would’ve happened in the first place. If, for example, you see a person struck by a car in a crosswalk, do not rush headlong into the street to see if they’re injured. You will no doubt find yourself lying next to them after being struck by the next car barreling down the road.

For getting them to do something that may have been on their ‘To do’ list for years! Most people know that it would be a good idea to take a first aid course, but sometimes life gets in the way and it is hard to find the time. However, people usually feel happy and relieved once they have learned some lifesaving skills and it improves their confidence and self esteem. If you host a course, you are going to feel great for having had such a positive influence on your family, friends and co-workers!

You can purchase supplies for your travel first aid kit at drug stores, or buy a prearranged kit online. Many travel first aid kits cost under $10. Don’t be afraid to personalize purchased travel first aid kits with any additional supplies like you or you family might need. For example, include a plastic bag with a mild solution of soap and water, along with paper towels for a quick and inexpensive way to wash sticky hands.

It is important to have a first aid kit is because they enable someone who is injured, to be quickly treated with basic first aid, before they can be properly treated at the local hospital. Therefore in an emergency situation, it is recommended someone knows where the nearest first aid kit is located and how to use the contents within it.