The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace is important to get things working effectively, tasks and assignments must be clear and the flow of information must be consistent. But it is also necessary to create a good working environment and to have good relationships between co-workers.

Communication however, can often be misunderstood, because we often communicate something different things with our body language than the words we are using. This can be something as simple as not looking away from the computer screen when talking to someone, or just say what needs to be done and not taking the time to ensure your point came across.

We are often unaware of these things so it is a good thing to get feedback from others, ask them if they got your point, it is important to remember that communication always go two ways.

If you want someone to do something, make sure they understand by asking them and give them the opportunity to ask questions back. If they can not put the assignment into their own words and just repeat what you said, there is a good chance they missed your point. Ask them to repeat it in their own words.

One statement could easily mean different things to different people, so making sure they understand what you want done is essential to get the desired results.

If you are the one who has been asked been asked to do something, and you do not completely understand the assignment. Tell your boss what you do not understand and get a dialogue going to filter out any misunderstandings.

This ensures you get the job right the first time around, and will not have to deal with doing extra work or being scolded for doing it wrong.