The Human Factor

How far has internet marketing gone computer?

Computers are a wonderful thing. We would not be in space, or under the sea without them. We would not be able to cure some of the fatal diseases that roam the planet.

Internet marketing has been greatly enhanced with computer software. Programs can now write articles, create sales pages, create squeeze pages, spin articles, spell check, submit the articles, create graphics, generate the html, and many many more things involved with internet marketing.

They are great companions to the human race. But they can not and will not always be the best solution to an idea.

Picture a vending machine. No matter how fancy, or how many knots they put on those things, they never seem to work. Getting a Three Musketeers instead of a Twix always makes me mad. It can even change the day from good to bad. At a convenience store, the clerk never gets it wrong, but if they did they could readily fix it.

Internet marketing is a numbers game, but in the end we are trying to sell to people, not droids. It would be wonderful to count on computers to give us that 5% conversion rate. People remember the original; they bond with emotions, something that computers can never give us.

Whether it is the domain name, the presale letter, the product name, the original graphics, the templates, or the product itself, creativity tends to get noticed. When something with a little zing has been added to mix a product will be more successful.

So remember the next time you start a new campaign, leave a little room for the extraordinary. You will be glad you did.