The Homeopathic Treatment of Otitis Media

When you go searching for a holistic treatment of otitis media, do not skip over homeopathy. Homeopathy is one of the most effective treatments of all and any kind. It is wholly natural and holistic. It only works by improving your immune system. And the only reason for disease is because either you do not yet have an immune system (as in babies and toddlers), or yours is shot to pieces. Or moving toward that unenviable position.

Then you will get many health problems, which will recur endlessly or just will not go away.

There are many medicines that can be used in the homeopathic treatment of otitis media, but Hepar sulphuris is one of the most common.

To be effective, the symptoms of the personal otitis media should be a close match to the potentially effective homeopathic medicine. If you can not see this match, then it's illegally that the medicine will do any good.

Let's have a look at the keynotes of Hepar sulph:

  • the most important symptom is the exquisite pain that the patient suffers – the child will shriek and can not be comforted
  • the pain is worse at night
  • the pain is worse for cold, such as cold weather or especially a cold wind blowing into it

There may or may not be a discharge. If there is, it is normally yellowy in color and smells offensive – rather like rotten cheese. If the discharge is internal, there can be a host of potentially dangerous problems. If the discharge leaks into the brain, there is no capacity for the brain to expand to accommodate it. So brain symptoms can develop.

Apart from the dangers, you do not want to see someone in so much pain. And I'm sure you'd like to get back to bed and sleep sooner rather than later. Keep Hepar sulph handy for the effective treatment of otitis media, one which is characterized by the hyper sensitivity to pain.