The Healthiest People in the World – What Are the Benefits of Natural Foods?

Let us take a trip to a land where six mountain ranges meet in awesome silence. It is just 18 miles from Russia's southern border at the northern tip of Pakistan; this land, a forbidden Shangri-la is snug between rocky ramparts and peaks that reach close to 20,000 feet up into the sky. This exciting land is known is Hunza – just one mile wide and about 60 miles long. Yet here you will find the much deserved after Fountain of Youth.

No, it is not a bubbling spring as Ponce de Leon thought it would be. Rather, this "fountain" consist of natural foods. But the methods may fulfill the dreams of a legendary Fountain of Youth. In Hunza, a few accessible cities of land have been able to sustain its tiny population of 25,000 for nearly 2,000 years – completely free from disease!

Here is what natural health foods and natural living have done for these people:

1. Men live to be over 90. Many men become fathers when they are well up in their 60's and even 70's.

2. Some of the Hunzukuts are about 120 years of age and look no more than 60 or 70. They are not only in advanced years but are able to do the work of a youngster! For example, one Hunza mail of 73 was reported to be carrying load of 65 pounds or more on his back while traversing tortuous mountain trails for a three-day journey. His secret — natural health foods.

3. The Hunzukuts have never suffered from such diseases as mumps, measles, chicken pox. They know nothing about high blood pressure, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, cancer, and impaired hearing or eyesight.

4. Oldsters up to 80 have perfect vision!

5. They enjoy peace of mind, knowing nothing of hatred, greed, envy, jealousy, or crime. Juvenile delinquency has never been heard of. Their water is pure and brimming with minerals. It has long been noted that minerals nourish one's personality and can even prevent mental derangement. My previous book on minerals has the complete story.