The Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

1) In June of 1999 I was diagnosed with pericarditis. The inflammation / infection around the heart recurred several times until I started taking colloidal silver.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (literally) for providing the information on colloidal silver. It has saved me a lot of money besides the important fact of restoring my health.

Again, thank you for your competent advice and help.

Susanne Kircher, R.N.

2) My mother had shingles for 23 years – was hospitalized several times. After I started giving her colloidal silver, she has not had a severe attack since and only gets symptoms when we forget to give her some silver water solution say every 2 or 3 weeks. Now I have her take some every Saturday – scheduled.

Joseph Cumberland

3)  As soon as I tried the colloidal silver, I no longer had to take any prescription drugs for my sinus and nasal congestion and my sinus infection was gone without antibiotics. I was finally able to sleep eight hours a day which I could not do before because one of the side effects of the drug I was taking was sleeplessness. Thank you for your help.

Jason Orr

4) My cat had a sore on her head for a couple of weeks that wouldn’t heal and she had a sore where she was de-clawed 7 years ago that she kept licking and NEVER healed. Both were healed with just a few applications of MY Colloidal Silver. I’m SO pleased!

Go with God,
Marilyn Adams

5) From Clinton,

Here’s my testimonial about colloidal silver…

Recently, while in the Dominican Republic, I received a few mosquito bites at night while sleeping and was not able to sleep thereafter because of the itching. After tossing and turning for awhile I decided to use colloidal silver on the red bumps that were now developing. Well, I would be lying if I told you that the itching stopped any time longer than instantly!! Right away I was able to go back to bed and fall asleep. Since I live on a tropical island myself, I know that mosquito bumps usually take a few days and sometimes as long as a week to go away but much to my surprise the very next morning there was no trace of any mosquito bites.

Colloidal silver is nothing short of a miracle mineral !!!

Clinton Gilbert

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God Bless