The Hazards of Taking Prescription Drugs For ADHD

Okay, let me lay it out for you. ADHD research has shown us just how far from perfect, or even ideal the current prescription drug options for ADHD really are. Yet, consider that drugs are the treatment of choice for most medical professionals. First of all, they don’t address the underlying issues. Second of all, because of the potentially harmful side effects, they risk the health of our children. There is lots of controversy and many unanswered questions surrounding the topic of long term effects of prescription medications for ADHD as well.

Let me list just 5 reasons to consider natural treatments for ADHD, rather than prescription drugs.

1. The amount of money spent in the US alone each year is in the billions, as indicated by ADHD research. If you rely on ADHD prescriptions, this can make a substantial dent in your family’s budget. Alternatively, natural treatments for ADHD are extremely effective and less costly than prescription drugs.

2. Recent ADHD facts have brought to light some fairly alarming points. While most of the long-term effects are still unknown, we do know that they can lead to psychological issues like depression and anxiety an adult. Rather than risk your child’s health now or in the future, consider treating your child with a homeopathic ADHD treatment.

3. ADHD research shows that prescription drugs may be effective in suppressing the symptoms of ADHD but many parents have complained of children in a zombie-like state while taking these medications. Because the medications alter the way your child’s brain functions, impulses, certain ideas and often creativity that would be normal to your child are suppressed as well. There are many famous examples of people in history who managed their ADHD without drugs. People like Lincoln, Van Gogh and Einstein for starters. Using a holistic approach like a natural ADHD treatment can not only restore balance to your child’s health overall but enhance their creativity and personality as well.

4. ADHD facts you might want to know about include the increased chance of substance abuse as well as prescription drug addiction as an adult. ADHD prescription drugs are extremely addictive and could cause a dependency problem. On the flip side, natural ADHD treatments are safe and non-addictive.

5. ADHD facts state some fairly common side effects of ADHD medications can include things like nausea, vomiting, headaches, nervousness and anxiety, not to mention anorexia and even psychosis. Natural ADHD remedies, conversely, don’t have any side effects and will not compromise the health of your child.

There you have it. What should you do now? Start looking at natural ADHD treatments rather than strong medications to treat your child. While prescription medications may suppress the symptoms of ADHD, they do not address the underlying issues. Not only that, but the drugs come with a risk of serious side effects. Treat you child effectively and at the same time safely. Look for a homeopathic remedy for ADHD to treat your child without risk.